NOTD (yesterday) - Gradient Pastel Glitter Nails


Arghhhh, no. Failed my nail challenge!! Well kind of! But at least I am posting yesterday's nails and not just skipping them.. though I wish I could as I really don't like these nails. 

Yesterday was a bit of a rubbish day, I'd had no sleep and was feeling just blurgh... so I was lacking all inspiration. But them I decided I wanted to do pretty gradient nails but then realised I had no sponges (normally I use the foam No7 makeup sponges cut up) so I tried kitchen towel and it just didn't work. But at least I tried! 


However I do like the idea and the shades in this manicure, so when I do get some sponges I think I am going to re-attempt this and I'm sure the gradient will look a lot smoother which will look pretty! 

As for the shades I used I didn't in fact use Barry M Mint Green but Models Own Jade Stone... this is actually how tired I was yesterday! Also as you can see I used Collection 2000 Hot Looks Dynasty (a really good range if you are looking for budget nail polishes) and a glitter KIKO nail polish that I have forgotten the number of!

 Going to try and do something a lot more fun and nail art-y for tomorrow/today's nails (it's currently 3am as I write this)! But we shall see!

Fee xo.

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