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As promised... better nails today! 

I thought as it is feeling more and more like Spring I would do some Cherry Blossom inspired nails because they will be in bloom soon enough and they are quite pretty indeed! I really do love blossom trees in spring but for some reason in the UK we don't make a big deal of them... were as in Japan is it a different story all together!
As with most of my nail art this is super easy (though you all tell me if don't seem easy!) and I really do mean it, especially with my secret weapon which I shall reveal below!


If I was being a bit critical I would say I could of used a lighter blue shade for the base as it is a bit too vivid and maybe also drawn the branches on slightly thinner for a more dainty look. 

But over all for my first attempt AND not looking at an image whilst I did it I am fairly pleased! I think these would be ideal for April/May when it is finally spring as they are fun but also quite elegant looking nails. Plus the colour combination goes really well together I think.


Yep, you guessed it! I used a rubbish eyeshadow applicator (that we all hate and throw away) to create the flowers.

So first you need to paint your nails, I chose Models Own Jade Stone but you could use any light blue or a pale pink or nude. Then once that is FULLY dry you can draw on your branches. I used my L'Oreal Super Slim eyeliner but you would use any eyeliner that is really black or a black nail art pen. Again may sure this is fully dry before creating the flowers or else you will lift off what you have already done. 

Next it is time to create the little flowers. With your nail polish brush with not too much nail polish on (I used Natural Collection Hibiscus) lightly dab a small amount on the eyeshadow applicator. Then you just have to dab small random splodges on to each nail - if you do find you apply too much to one nail you can turn over the applicator and dab a bit to soak up a bit of the excess and make the splodge more flower like. 

To give a bit of dimension to the flowers I repeated the process but with less nail polish with Revlon Nude Chic. I didn't clean the applicator just added a bit of nude polish and it was fine. Then before it was dry I added a clear top coat. 

See, I told you it was that easy! 

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Fee xo.

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