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Now I may seem very behind with my beauty box reviews but as I say I do like to try everything out thoroughly so that I can give a review of the box as well as mini reviews of the products in the box. 
The Price
  With the GlossyBox you receive 5 high-end samples for £10.00 per month plus £2.95 p&p bringing it to £12.95 per box per month. Like all the other boxes you can cancel at any time but it is worth noting it is on a direct debit basis. Website - here.


 The Packaging  
After the red Christmas Glossy box in December I really wasn't expecting another themed box (Valentine's Day Edition), so this was a nice surprise! I think having different coloured and themed boxes is a really good touch for Glossy Box as it does make them stand out from the rest. Though it would of been nice to see a products that were more Valentine's day related.

The Products 
Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner in Emerald Green, Clarins Extra Firming Day Cream, Clarins Extra Firming Night Cream, FAB Body Moisturizer, Murad Hybrids Skin Perfecting primer.


Murad Hybrids Skin Perfecting Primer 
(full size - £29.00/30ml)
Then I first tried this out I was quite surprised to see that this was a tinted product and it did seem quite dark. But once this is rubbed into the skin the tint isn't really noticeable at all, well it looked quite similar to a tinted moisturiser on my skin as I am fair but I'm sure for most the tint wouldn't be there at all. I have found I have been using this quite a lot instead of foundation on days that I haven't been wanting a full face of makeup. It just gives a nice glow to the skin and makes it look even and radiant, even when it's not. I have also tried this under foundation and feel that my foundation applied nicer. This is pricey for only 30ml but if you are wanting a more sophisticated in between to foundation then this would be perfect. 

Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner (full size)
(full size - £9.50)
I feel firstly I must admit my feelings on the re-branding of Eyeko - I don't like it basically. I think when any company decides to re-brand/change their products they have to be careful and remember to keep some similarity. But clearly Eyeko have decided to change their image completely from something really fun and unique to something entirely different. 
As for the eyeliner, it is okay and it does last on the eyes 
but hmm, I am just not sure about it... it's just nothing special really and I think for £9.50 full price it needs to be. Sadly just another green eyeliner to add to my collection. 


FAB Body Moisturizer
(full size £10.00/226.8g)
I think for most people this would be quite a bland product with it being unscented but this was definitely my favourite product in the box and I have now used it all up! For me this felt so fresh and light on my skin but really hydrating which is my ideal formula. Also I was quite pleased to see the price of this as £10.00 for over 200ml seems pretty good for such a lovely moisturiser. This is now on my 'products to buy' list for summer!

Clarins Extra Firming Day & Night Cream 
(full size - £46.50-£48.00/50ml)
Not really too keen on receiving two products from the same brand in one box but oh well! Sadly I couldn't fully enjoy these as they are just too hydrating for my combination skin (I really would of loved to see Clarins Flash Balm instead) so I have been using both creams as a neck/chest cream at night and so at least I have been using them. But of course can't judge how good both creams are though I am pretty sure anyone with more mature skin would really enjoy these. 
 For me the main highlight of the box was the FAB body moisturiser as this isn't a product I would of been able to try out at this size or even a product I would of imagine liking so much. I also really enjoyed the Murad primer though I won't be purchasing it due to it not really being within my budget for that type of product.

My main criticism with this box is that is contains 4 skincare products and only one makeup product which isn't very balanced at all. Also I think the Valentine's day theme with the products being pamper products it a bit weak as they aren't products I would associate with pampering myself.. I would of maybe liked to of seen a sample of a face mask or a relaxing bath product maybe. 
Overall I didn't dislike the box but nor did I love it. I just think the contents could of been thought out a bit better with less skincare and been more Valentine's day related. 

Fee xo.   

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