NOTD - The Luck of the Irish ♣


Firstly thank you to all that commented on my Stop! Grammar Time post. I really do appreciate all your kind words and it has made me feel really supported which is a nice feeling as I had been feeling frustrated by the whole thing for some time! 

Anyway, on to today's nails!

 I thought I would do something to celebrate St. Patricks Day and even had the idea of using the green glitter to create little shamrocks but it was just too time consuming and so I gave up?! I also think I may have gone for the wrong shade of green as Barry M Mint Green isn't very green really! Even though it is green, hmmm!


As for the glitter this is a JRB glitter nail polish in shade 172. Sadly I can't find this anymore but if you search for 'JRB Nail Polish' on eBay there are so many different glitter nail polishes for around £2.50 including p&p. I think my favourite shade has to be the JRB Cerise Mix Glitter (here) which I would buy if I hadn't of just purchased some amazing Meteorites polishes (also on eBay). I really am obsessed with glitter nail polish aren't I?!

If you are a fan of glitter nails and want a bargain definitely search for - Saffron, JRB or Meteorites glitter nail polishes on eBay! 


I kind of wish now I had spent the time creating little 3 leaf clovers with the glitter nail polish (with the help of a tooth pick ofcourse) but I know it would of taken me forever and a day. Much like the time when I decided to find a four leaf clover in Ireland. I did it... but it took forever!!

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend and have a lovely Mother's Day tomorrow! 

Fee xo. 

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