NOTD - Rimmel Black Cab & Miss Sporty Transformers Sparkle Touch


Wow weee I love my nails today! (these were last weeks nails but shhh don't tell anyone). Day Three of my 30 Days of Nails and I went for glitter again as I'm in glitter mode at the moment. 

I bought Rimmel's Black Cab (£2.49 Superdrug) last week as I didn't have a black nail polish and black really does come in handy for nail art and the like. However I thought I would try using it as a nail polish base first as I hardly ever have dark nails and now I'm glad I did. 

I decided to try the wonderfully cheap Miss Sporty Transformers Sparkle Touch (£1.99 Boots) over the top as again it was fairly new and I wanted to see if it was nicer than Rimmel's Disco Ball and it is! Yes, quite similar but I definitely prefer the Miss Sporty version as it doesn't contain larger hexagonal pieces.

As you can see the glitter against the black polish really is a nice effect and shows up the different colours of glitter in the Miss Sporty polish which I love! Also I think the blue glitter in the polish gives it a slightly 'galaxy nails' effect but of course without all the effort. 

Coats wise I applied two coats of Rimmel Lasting Finish Black Cab and one coat of Miss Sporty Sparkle Touch. 

I really love when cheap nail polishes combined look like a more expensive higher end polish! 

Fee xo. 

PS. You can view the rest of my 30 days of nails - here.

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