Lip Smacker Coca Cola Lip Balm Set

Lip Smacker Coca Cola Lip Balm set

Another day and another product reviews... and one that is a real bargain if you purchase the lip balms individually - I'm talking £1 including p&p!

 Now again this was a Christmas present so I have been using all three Lip Smacker lip balms since then and have been really liking them so I thought it was about time for a review. 

I know the Lip Smacker set was purchased from Topshop and cost around the £8 mark - slightly pricey if you ask me. However as I couldn't find the product on the Topshop site I decided to see if anywhere else stocked the set or just the lip balms individually. To my surprise I found two of the Coca Cola lip balms on Zalando for a lot cheaper than what they work out as in the set! 

Coca Cola Lip Balms Topshop

You can purchase the Lip Smacker Coca Cola Vanilla Lip Balm - here for an amazing £1.00 with free p&p at Zalando! Or the Coca Cola Cherry Lip Balm - here for £2.00 also with free p&p. 

Now if I am being honest there is definitely no need for this to be a set - yes it's nice and it is a nice little gift but the three lip balms are all very similar to each other with only the cherry flavour having a slight tint to it (very subtle). So it is all down to flavour and even though I can tell them apart I would say it would be much more savvy going for the scent you like the sound of most. 

Lip Smacker Coca Cola - I am so tempted to say this actually tastes like fizzy Coca Cola as when you apply it you do instantly recognise the flavour. But sadly is just isn't quite there. Though if you smell the lip balm from the tube it is nearly identical to the smell of coca cola. Though I do love that all of them taste so good and are pretty close to the flavours they are supposed to be. When you lick your lips or rub them together it does taste quite sugary (also synthetic mind). Also this does apply really smoothly and easier and does actually make the lips nice and soft.

Lip Smacker Cherry - This one is even more sugary to taste than the original coca cola one so if you like something sweet tasting then this is the one to go for. As I mentioned above this is slightly tinted though it is very sheer and subtle.. so it just gives the lips a look of being slightly more pink/red than normal. Again this applies really nice and feels smooth of the lips - nothing sticky.

Lip Smacker Vanilla - Now this is the one that I am totally in love with. On the sweet scale it is in between the original coca cola one and the cherry one and the scent is just lovely (hard to explain what the vanilla scent smells of). I also feel for some reason this feels the nicest on the lips even though they are all very smooth and great quality. I am tempted for £1 (from Zalando - here) to buy another one for in my handbag as this normally sits on my dressing table and I usually apply it before I apply my makeup to soften my lips. I mean really what is £1 after all!

Lip Smacker Coca Cola Lip Balms

I know from purchasing novelty lip balms in the past that some can be really rubbish... I remember buying a mixed set of retro sweet flavoured lip balms from Debenhams and they were pretty rubbish - just too hard and the scents weren't very strong at all. 

However these are what a novelty lip balm should be like and for the price they are pretty damn great!

I am slowly but surely getting addicted to lip balms again... and now have my eyes on the Sprite Lip Smacker's lip balm

I need help?! 

Fee x

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