NOTD - Rimmel Barely There & Models Own Gold Finger


Day Two of my 30 Days of Nails challenge! 
Today's nails were a little rushed but actually you can't really tell - well I hope you can't. 

I did purchase Models Own Gold Finger (still £3.50 from ASOS - here) thinking it would be more of a glitter top coat but in fact it is quite an opaque glitter as the tips of my nails just have one coat on them. So if you are into super glitter nails then this is for you! Though like most glitters this is a total pain to remove*.

For the base polish I decided to go for Rimmel Lycra Pro Barely There which is a darker nude shade that I picked up for only £1 in Poundland (they always stock the Lycra Pro range). Looking at my nails now I probably should of gone for a more gloss lighter nude maybe one from Ciate but that is being a bit too fussy I think. 

Though I do think Rimmel's Barely There is a lovely polish to wear on it's own with a nice glossy top coat. As I have mentioned before I really think the Rimmel Lycra Pro is great.. they just last on the nails so well and the brush is faultless. 

I then just quickly added Models Own Gold Finger to the tips with the brush making sure to remove most of the excess so not to accidentally paint the whole nail. 


I am now dying to try Models Own Gold Finger over Rimmel Black Cab (just a gloss black) as I think this would be perfect for a more dramatic look! 

What are you wearing on your nails today? 

Fee xo. 

*If you love glitter nail polish then I highly recommend Sally Hansen Kwik Off as it's just a god send. Can be found of eBay or Amazon.

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