NOTD - Models Own Scarlet Sparkle


Oh dear, glitter again! My nails are going to hate me soon!

Day 4 of my Thirty days of Nails challenge and I decided to go for 'Dorothy' nails as I'm always on the look out for that perfect Ruby slippers/Wizard of Oz shade... so this is my newest red glitter (I own 4 other red glitter nail polishes). 

I also wanted to show this before it went out of stock on the ASOS websites as like all the other Models Own glitter nail polishes this is on offer as well for £3.50 (here) instead of £5.00.

Models Own Scarlett Sparkle is very much like Gold Finger (NOTD - here) in that it is packed full of glitter so isn't a glitter top coat but more for full-on glitter nails or just on the tips of the nails. Though the red glitter in Scarlett Sparkle is held in a red jelly that helps with opacity which meant that I only needed 2 coats! 

As you can see the finish in the photos doesn't look all that smooth however it is in fact quite a smooth polish and the little bumps are actually the glitter that was catching the light. Though I always prefer applying a clear top coat when wearing glitter nails as it removes that gritty feeling and I also think it stops the glitter from chipping off at the tips as much. 

Is this a better red glitter than China Glaze Ring In The Red? (NOTD - here) YES! Is it better than Barry M' Red Glitter? (NOTD - here) YES! 

So if you are after a very pretty but cheap red glitter then this is the one for you! 

Fee xo.

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