NOTD - Go Floral for Spring!


Ohhh I so nearly didn't post today's nails! For some reason I have been lacking in energy this week and have been feeling pretty washed out. 

But as I was so pleased with my nails today I just had to post them up... even if it is nearly tomorrow already! 

This is my first ever attempt at floral nails and I have to say I am actually pleased with how they turned out - not too shabby for a 1st attempt if I do say so! 


I did use a small eyeliner brush for the detail on the flowers and leaves but the rest for pretty easy. Though I am thinking I will do a tutorial on this in a few weeks as it is so pretty and it can be done with so many shades. I am thinking a pale blue base would look great or even red roses. 

But if you just want to go for it now as it is pretty easy to do, then I have listed in the image below what shades I used for each part of the nail art. 


I did also use a clear top coat as I always feel with nail art it just blends things together and diffuses any harsh lines. 

Also to make my nails extra lovely I used Revlon Peach Smoothie as the base which is scented. So pretty floral peach smelling nails! You can't get better than that! 

Fee xo.

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