NOTD - Bronze Glitter Tips


The things you do as a blogger! I have just spent the last 30 minutes uploading and editing these images with one hand as the other hand holds my charger in as it decided to break on me this morning! Actually this whole post is being wrote by one hand... ffs! 

Anyways so today nails... I'm currently on day nine of my '30 days of nails' challenge and my nails aren't hating me just yet even though I have been obsessed with glitters recently! Today I decided to use my lovely KIKO french manicure (209). However as the polish is pretty sheer I could see my nail line, which I don't like, so I quickly grabbed a glitter and literally threw it over the tips of the nails (and kind of waved my hand about after to let the glitter fall down on to the nail) before they had fully dried! 


Thankfully I managed to get one good pictures of how delicate this looks on the nails (the first pic) as I was just in love with how pretty it looked as apposed to glitter nail polish! Just not as raised or thick on the nails, which I really do like!

 I am thinking I need to get myself down to Hobby Craft/Card Craft (I would provide a link but it's just to hard to do with one hand) to pick up some more glitter as it was so quick.. though I must admit glitter was everywhere after I had finished. The Glitter is from a brand called Jones Tones and I am pretty sure they are all around the £2.00 mark, though I did find the glitter I used here for 99p on clearance!


I then finished off with a clear top coat just to seal in the glitter and that was it. For something so pretty it really did take me under 5 minutes and was so easy to do! I have mention the 17 top coat before I am sure, but this just never let me down and is that perfect formula of not being too thick so it can drag or being too watery either.

Just super quick nails that are delicate and pretty. 

Really if you think you are rubbish at nails/nail art try these! 

Fee xo. 

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