NOTD - Beauty UK Smokey Lilac & Gosh Silver Star


After yesterday's pretty Zooey Deschanel inspired nails (here) I really didn't want to remove them to re-paint them for my 30 days of nails challenge! But I did as I feel I need to stick at this as I really have enjoyed it so far! 

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So for today's/yesterdays nails I decided to go for something quite neutral with a bit of sparkle as I was going out for a meal at night and different want anything too bright or nail art-y.


For the base nail polish I applied two coats of Beauty UK Smokey Lilac (£1.99 Superdrug) which is such a lovely shade and formula for the price. I then applied a single coat of Gosh Silver Star (£5.00 Superdrug) (which I really think should be re-named 'Starry Night' as it reminds me of the stars) and Voila! 

I am actually tempted to see what Gosh Silver Star would look like with a few more coats as one coat does give quite a good covering for a glitter nail polish. So it would be nice to see what this polish would look like built up to being opaque. Though I am pretty sure it would be a nightmare to remove! 


I must admit though that these are pretty boring nails really but there is something about them that I like. Maybe it is that there is glitter but it's not over the top... it's just subtle and pretty!

Really looking forward to showing you the nails I am sporting today, tomorrow! I decided to go for a bit of nail art that is very spring like and pretty and I love them! 

Fee xo.

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