NOTD - Zooey Deschanel Inspired Spring Nails


So yesterday Zooey Deschanel tweeted "My ready for spring French manicure by ! '' (image also below) and I instantly knew I needed to try it out as I loved them!

Now I'm pretty damn sure I won't be getting 23,000+ likes on Instagram like Zooey did when she posted the pic of her lovely manicure, but even so you can still follow my pictures if you have the app by searching for 'makeupsavvy'.


As you can see I tried to create a similar effect on Instagram... though I didn't use flash so it does look a bit darker than Zooey's nails but ahh well I am still quite happy with them! Zoeey didn't mentioned what shades were used on her nails however I have a feeling the nude shade may be Essie's Spring 2012 A Crewed Interest though I may be totally wrong! 

I know this style of french manicure has been done time and time again with neon tips and multi-coloured tips but I really do like this chic manicure with Tiffany-esque tips. Very fresh and as Zooey tweeted, perfect for spring.


What shades I used to create the nails...

I clearly went for more purse friendly polishes with 2 coats of Maybelline Forever Strong Pro in Ivory Rose (on offer at the moment in Boots for £3.09 - here) and then for the tips I used Models Own Jade Stone (£5.00 - here) (China Glaze For Audrey would be perfect for this) and then to make the tips blend into the nails nicely I applied a coat of 17 Lasting Fix clear nail polish (£2.99 Boots - here). 

As for I how I created the tips it was just with a steady hand and the side of the brush! I never trust using tape as it always stuffs up the polish underneath. My tip would definitely be to go slow, remove all excess polish off the brush and only paint the very tip of the nails so that is doesn't look clunky. Also going straight across with a slightly curve looks most flattering.  


Oh, and make sure the nails are fully dry before applying a top coat or you risk dragging the tips and messing it all up! 

As I love this so much I am now tempted to try it with different pastel tips and maybe even a less pink base and more of a nude shade. I really can't wait to wear my nails more like this in spring/summer as it's just so fun but still chic and very quick to do. 

So what do you think? Did I do a good job of being a copy cat?! 

I guess I should now attempt Zooey Deschanel's Tuxedo nails (here) that she sported at the Grammy awards quite recently ! 

Fee xo.

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