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I had another one of my 'moments' the other day - It tends to happen when I'm in the middle of doing something that I needs a certain level of concentration. I seem to zone out and instead of daydreaming about going on holiday or even wedding stuff, my thoughts turn to makeup of course! 

This time instead of trying to imagine what the beauty industry would be like in future. I wondered if people actually share the same name as big beauty brands/Makeup Artists.
For example... Sally Hansen, Bobbi Brown, Barry M and so on. I obviously came to the conclusion that there are thousands of people with them names as they aren't exactly unusual.  However with all my daydreams..they seem to take me down abit of an unrealistic path and I ended up thinking that if my last name was Brown I would be tempted to name my child Bobbi! Not that I'm planning little ones any time soon.

Which got me thinking 'Would you name your child after a beauty brand?' 

 Now I know this sounds all abit ridiculous however I do know someone with twins named Ruby & Millie (which came for Ruby & Millie the brand). 

So I thought of all the highstreet makeup brands like - Rimmel, Bourjois, Garnier, Bloom, L'oreal, Une etc.

Out of all the highstreet brands I could only see maybe 'my little Bourjois' sounding umm normal-ish! (I realize I'm starting to sound crazy). Or even Bloom...which is quite similar to Blossom, right?

Then I moved onto high end brands  such as Dior, Burt's Bees, Nars, Vichy, Yves Saint Laurent, Cowshed (ha), Essie, Guerlian, Chantecialle. 

Quite afew good ones I'd say!

I'm quite particular to Nars... I mean it's similar to Lars and has to be better than Tarquin! Yves is also nice..of course it's more about the spelling as you do say 'Eve'... though I'm sure no one would be able to read out the name correctly. 

Also Essie is quite cute...but these all are actual names, I guess! 

I can't say there is any point or logic to this AT all as I would never dream of calling a child after my favourite beauty brand. But it did amuse me for afew minutes (ok, 10 minutes!).

Feel free to indulge in the madness with as I would love to hear any other ones that you can come up with! 



  1. I know someone that called her baby girl Chanel. True story.

  2. My little cousin is called jean Louis in French- so I guess John Lewis but it was just by chance and not really a werid one since John and Lewis are both names

  3. Ruby and Millie are both lovely names for girls...Bobbi could also work! :)

    Chanel may be catchy :P

    Wouldn't want to go down the road of naming any kids MAC or Revlon though!

    Great post - random posts like these never fail to put a smile on my face! :) xx

  4. This is non-make up name related but someone my Mum worked with actually named her kid Elvis! x

  5. Haha some of them are actually quite cute! Essie would be a really sweet name.

  6. i know people call their children Chanel and Dior =.='' that's a bit too much I think...but Essie or NARS sounds nicer!

  7. I actually really like Essie and would consider that as a baby name if I were to have another! I wonder if I could convince hubby to change our surnames to Factor, then if ever had another boy we could call him Max! ... You've started me off now x

  8. If I had twin girls (not happening any time soon!) I'd be tempted to call them Ruby and Millie, I've always liked those names. Plus, the other choices would be Daisy and Violet...considering I'm called Lily I doubt the father would be impressed ahaha :)

  9. Some of them sound weirdly nice :S I know loads of Dior, Chanel, Levis. There are people called Nokia as well, I remember a weird baby name list in Heat years ago!

  10. Haha, love this post!

    My mum's colleague named her son Dior.

    I have two cousins called Ruby and Millie - but they were born before the brand!

    I think Chantecaille sounds quite nice, but could see it being abbreviated to Chantelle quite easily which is not so nice.

    And the first part of my first name (Nazneen) is almost pronounced Nars. Which maybe explains the gloss addiction.

  11. Yes, I know that some people call their daughter Chanel...

    @Postcolonial Rabbit: Please don't call your daughter Chantecaille!!! Caille is a bird (quail)that is not sexy nor cute!!! I think it is the worst brand name ever!

  12. Great post! I'd never name my child something silly because I know what it's like! Being called Cherry is bad enough, I wouldn't want to inflict the same on my child by calling it something like Rimmel!

  13. Thank you for sharing your mad 5 mins, it made me smile which I needed! I used to know someone who had a girl and a boy called Leigh and Perrin - we called them the Worcesters! And my sisters married name is Wells so when she was expecting first nephew we suggested she called him Max or Tunbridge, which is where we lived at the time! If I was to have another baby I think I'd call it Collection 2000, which is suitably awful!

  14. There's bound to be a Zoya somewhere.

    I love BB Couture so BeeBee would just about be OK. My daughters have proper, traditional names though. I wasn't going to let them be mini-chavs.

  15. Haha :)
    What about Miss Sporty? Or Mememe!
    Love the picture too, made me lol :)
    izzy x

  16. I think both Ruby and Millie are lovely names, but if I had twins I wouldnt call them Ruby & Millie... its a bit to cruel. Maybe one or the other.

    Going off the make up theme, I knew a Jo King once... and she used to get stick all the time.

  17. Funny post! Chanel Iman (the model) is what happens when people follow through with your daydream LOL!

    Imagine if someone called their daughter Sephora!

  18. i loved this post, i have a friend called ruby and her sister is called millie, it took me years to actually work it out though!

  19. Mac Vincent has a cool ring to it for a boy.

    I just need to convince Mr V to put a babeh in ma belleh

  20. bobbi and chanel are both cute, and although this might sound weird i quite like l'oreal-as a middle name though!xxx


  21. Oh the ruby and millie twins!!! cute as!! thats amazing...hmm i like this game...if i had a son named tom he would be tom ford,thats pretty high end stuff right there!!God fee im gonna be thinking of names all night now damn u hahaha!
    i do like Nars and essie too brilliant game great post :)
    love Nat xxx

  22. Could potentially go with Lola (Marc Jacobs) or Cherie (Miss, Dior)... those aren't too bad. x

  23. @Patricia - Oh Chanel is abit too much I it is SUCH a famous brand now really.

    @Sabrina - Yes not weird, it's sounds a very cute name actually. :)

    @Sarah - Glad you liked the post! Yeh, MAC and Revlon just wouldn't work...but really Elvis? Oh dear. But thinking about it now I am sure there are lots of Elvis' in the world!

    @Jennifer - Dior & Chanel just aren't good. But I really think Essie could be very cute.

    @Alex - Yes Essie is a really cute name isn't it! haha love the idea of Max Factor.

    @Beauty's Bad Habit - I do actually like the names Ruby & Millie..but just abit strange to pick the names from the brand! But love Voilet and Daisy...and I think it would be lovely seeing as you are called Lily :) All beautiful flower names!

    @Phoebe - Nokia! Oh dear...that has to be the worst name for a child.

    @The Postcolonial Rabbit - I do think Ruby & Millie are lovely names. Also really liked your own name :)

    @Ms Bubu Oh I didn't know that caille is a bird. I'm not to sure if I like it or not really.

  24. @Cherry Pullinger - Glad you liked the crazy posr :) I do get what you mean... but Cherry is a lovely name, really!

    @Debbie - Least I could raise a smile from you! oh dear Leigh and Perrin are both awful names aren't they. Also love the Turnbridge Wells ha. I actually use to know an Abigail Force...everyone use to call her Gail Force!

    @Jaljen - Oh yes I'm sure there must be someone called Zoya... I actually quite like it. Also love the idea of BeeBee..but like you I'm sure I'll stick to normal names!

    @Izzy - haha Mememe would be the worst namr ever! Glad you liked the post :)

    @Thisissultryred - Your Jo King right? hahah oh I bet she still gets it even now!

    @Ella Pretty Blog - I feel abit ashamed but I quite like your idea of Sephora!

    @Sophie - I never knew the names Ruby & Millie were so popular really!

    @Trampy Lady - haha loved your comment... Mac Vincent sounds pretty chic actually. :)

    @Hannah - I actually forgot to mention L'Oreal properly I was thinking the's almost like Ariel but better!

    @Nat - Oh Tom Ford would be very chic without being weird wouldn't it! I also do like Essie, ALOT!

    @Claire - Lola's a lovely name....really pretty. :)

    Thanks for all the comments everyone!

    Fee xo.

  25. I don't know if I would name my baby after a makeup brand (although I do like the sound of Essie) but I would definitely name my child after a fashion brand (my dog is called Dolce for Dolce and Gabanna). Now I want to go through all of the makeup brands and see if there are any names I really like.

  26. How did Burt's Bees make it into the high end brand list? o_O

  27. Me too Essie is just beautiful and doesn't really cross the crazy make-up lady line!! my bf's sister is called Beau Elissy thats pretty similar ive been playing this game all day in my head so much fun!!! ;) love Nat xxx

  28. I would need to have twins if this were going to work - Bath & Body Works would too long of a name for one child!

    If I had a little girl maybe Sara after Sara Happ!

    Annabella x

  29. great post i am currently in my eighth week of pregnancy and i love some of the name you guys have come up with so far me and my botfriend have come up with lily for a girl and dominic for a boy not related to brand but i must admit i never thought to look at brands for ideas :)


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