Revlon Scents of Summer Enamel in Cotton Candy

Another day another scented nail polish!

 So last week I showed off my lucky eBay purchase - Revlon's new scented Peach Smoothie nail polish that will be out mid-march. A really lovely creamy nude nail polish just in time for spring. 

The other neutral nail polish in the range is Cotton Candy (£6.25) which is a soft easy-to- apply light pink polish. Again scented when dry and all that jazz, but the thing is I'm not to sure what cotton candy is supposed to smell like. 
 The scent just seems to smell sweet and kind of candy floss like.

Compared to Peach Smoothie this has no shimmer to it and is just a creme polish that has a nice shine to it. 

I'd definitely say this would be better suited to more darker skin tones (especially in summer) as the pink just doesn't seem to work with my pale skin - I guess this is because my skin has a pink undertone to it. However Peach Smoothie almost does the opposite and seems to really suit pale hands! 
Which is something to note if your thinking of trying out the nudes in the Scents of Summer range.

I'm still not overly convinced about the nail polishes being scented - but I've decided to take it with a pinch of salt and just enjoy the gorgeous new shades from Revlon!

Really looking forward to trying out Grape Icy, Orange Pop and Gum Drop when all 8 shades come out in March!



  1. I am quite excited for these to be released here thanks to your lovely NOTD posts. They kind of remind me of the scented gel pens I used to buy in my teens; although smelling a piece of paper is a lot less weird than sniffing ones fingernails...

  2. ah they're so nice, can't wait for them to be available in the uk!x

  3. I'm not 100% sure but I think cotton candy is what Americans call candy floss. I really like the shade.

  4. I really want to try these, the scent gets me excited !

  5. Those ARE pretty. And cotton candy IS candy floss. Yuk!

  6. I cannot wait for the grape one, I love grape scented things, grape flavoured things... if you ask me, we just aren't committed enough to the humble grape in the UK. Haha I think cotton candy suits your skin actually. :)

    Sarah x

  7. I'll definitely keep my eye out for these when they are released.

  8. Hey Fee, how do you stop these light coloured polishes from going on streaky? I used to own the peach smoothie one, but I got so frustrated I threw it away.

  9. Love that baby pink!!It looks gorgeous on you!!

  10. I've never tried a scented nail polish before, but I'd definitely try this - the colour is gorgeous!


  11. Love the look of this!

    Sarah x x

  12. @Mariko - It can be abit of an art form can't it!

    I think it's a case of not having too much or too little on the brush really.
    I always wipe off one side of the brush (the side I'm not using) on the top of the polish then turn it over and let a tiny bit of the blob of polish drop onto the top - I find this is just the right amount of nail polish on the brush.
    I also always let the first coat fully dry before applying the 2nd. I don't normally do this with most polishes just pastel shades that can be harder to apply.

    Also it can be good to buff and polish the nails before applying any pastel shade as it seems to go on alot smoother!

    Hope this helps :)

    Fee xo.

  13. It did! I followed someone's advice I googled, which was pretty much the same as yours. Had to put three coats on but now I'm satisfied with the results :) (FYI, I'm not using the Revlon, using some Japanese brand.)

    Thank you!

  14. I've got this polish - I really like the colour, and the scent (it's really strong though!)


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