NOTD - Stargazer 317

Every time I try a different Stargazer nail polish (£2.50) especially from the Ultra Cover range I tell myself it's my new favourite from them and this one is no different! 
(I'm really such a sucker for multi-toned jewel shaded nail polish).

My camera is normally quite nifty at picking up different shades and it always accurate, however this shade seemed to be impossible to capture so the swatch above it the best I could do. Though in real life the sides of the nails have a lovely purple tone... which is why I thought it would be a good idea to show you what it looks like with only one coat.

This really gives a better idea of the different tones in the nail polish... but the look of it on the nails changes in different lighting. I've found the more artificial the light the more multi toned it is and beautiful looking. In day light however it has a gorgeous jewel like tone to it that looks so shimmery yet smooth. 

Also a dream to apply (and remove) only taking two coats and not at all streaky!

I definitely haven't done the 317* nail polish enough justice, though I hope you can see from the bottle how amazing it really is...and for only £2.5o! Really amazing value compared to other nail polish brands. 

*the 317 shade on the website seems to be linked to the totally wrong swatch, haven't a clue why. But if you ordered 317 the bottle you will receive will be the same as above.

Every time I think of trying a new shade I do a quick search to see if there's any nail swatch images to see the true shade but 

I rarely find any, except my own! 

So I am thinking of creating a little Stargazer Nail Polish library 
of all the shades I own to help others. Really would love to know your thoughts on this and if I should maybe do this with 
other brands as well.



  1. Loving this tone! Looks great. I'm usually quite boring when it comes to nail varnishes (pink and red, pink and red...) but am gonna try this out!

  2. This could be a gorgeous alternative to black, Fee :)

    Kaushal xx

  3. Gorgeous! I'd definitely be interested in a Stargazer gallery. x

  4. I got quite a good swatch of 317 here -
    All their polishes are beautiful! X

  5. Wow! This is one stunning colour!!! xx

  6. I'd love to have a real library of Stargazer polishes, in fact I plan to order there next month, and it would be a pleasure to know about all the shades you own before that ;)
    Thank you so much for that thought!
    And this shade is absolutely wonderful, I have to add it to my wishlist now!! :)

  7. Stunning! Am wearing Accessorize Purple Dream today which is similar but with a more foil finish, love these jewel colours too!x

  8. Beautiful colour! I don't own a single Stargazer nail polish but you're inspiring me to buy one! x

  9. I think thats a good idea! If I order of the internet I always tend to be disappointed with at least one colour...if you had a library I think that would help lots of us! I have never tried Stargazer polish but this colour looks amazing...xx

  10. I really like Star Gazer, I have their neon colours which are amazing. For the price I think they last well. x

  11. it looks so pretty! love the colour

  12. I've always seen Stargazer polishes as nothing special but this colour looks pretty nice, I might check it out next time I see some!

  13. nice colour a def must have alternitive to black! Have you tried the new range in superdrug *forgets the name* I think its Amanda something?? they peel off!!?? and there are some fab colours and 3 in one layering systems.I was gonna pick them up for a post yesterday but if u look at my latest post u will see that i have bought too much this weekend!! Plus im not really a 'nail girl' i thought i would let you know about them though if you dont already.
    Love Nat xxx

  14. ooh btw i did buy a sharpie though ;) xxx

  15. Thats so pretty!!
    <3 the stargazer nail polishes!
    izzy x

  16. ..i'm in love with Stargazer Nailpolish!!!! <3 <3 <3

  17. Totally love the idea of a nail swatch library. I'd love to see OPI and all the other brands aswell. It's true that you can never find a good swatch. I like to see the swatches on really nails and not just on one acrylic nail.

    p.s. i got the NYC glitter polish that you featured over the nude revlon shade. A VD pressie to myself :-) can't wait to try it out.

  18. Gorgeous colour! I haven't used stargazer before! xx

  19. I love the colour!:)


  20. such a gorguz colour! really need some stargazer polishes in my life :)oh & really looove the idea of a swatch library, that would be so incredibly helpful!

    Love Aysh xoxo

  21. Whoah gorgeous!!! I'm a sucker for multi-toned jewel shaded nail polishes as well :D x

  22. i bought this yesterday- two bottles actually from new look- and i am in love with it, the colour is amazing, it hasn't worn at all (usually my nail polish chips within a day or if i'm really unlucky the first few hours of application) really impressed! thank you for all your lovely swatches >_< x x


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