The Future of Beauty in 2020

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I have a feeling this is going to be such a ramble of a post but please bear with me as I do have a point (kind of). Last week I went to see 'We Will Rock You' at the theatre - I'd like to say I enjoyed it but we were packed in like sardines and had more of a birds eye view of the stage. It was also a bit too cheery for my liking and reminded of 'Lazy Town' with all the singing and dancing. The actual production was set in the future were all music was illegal. 

So as I was half watching/half daydreaming I started to wonder what the beauty industry would be like, in say - 2020... as you do when at the theatre. A date not stupidly far away but enough to see big changes!

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Bespoke Makeup
My first thought was I'd like to see Pantone create a bespoke range of makeup products - mainly as Pantone is the biggest colour matching system in the world (think Dulux paint matching service but 10x better) meaning they can create any shade you want. Which would mean you could custom make your own palettes online, covering the whole colour spectrum. I'm really not selling this well but just imagine picking a 12 pan palette from the Pantone Colour Chart below - just amazing!
It would mean whatever shade you wanted, you could have. Simple! 

The Pantone idea really got me thinking about what I'd like to see greatly improved by 2020 and I basically kept coming back to hygiene with makeup testers.
I mean really we are so far advanced that yesterday I was watching HD 3D TV yet if I wanted to go into a highstreet beauty store and test abit of foundation on my skin I'd also be probably get the added bonus of abit of E. coli in there too! 

Makeup Testers
But there is actually a solution - which I hope we WILL see by 2020!
Sachets of makeup samples (like the ones that come free stuck inside magazines, ofcourse in more shades than 'sand' or 'beige') for lipstick, lip gloss, foundation, moisturizer...basically any liquid or soft product. So instead of the constantly open used products festering all types of bacteria, there would be rows of sample sachets that could be taken to the till to be scanned for free (so only one sample per person per shade/type) to be taken home or so you could go back to the stand and actually apply it to see what you think, there and then. 

Ofcourse the idea is abit flawed with not being able to put any powder based product in a sealed sachets..but I'm sure 9 years is long enough to come up with a good solution for any retailer. 
But really, how good would that be...knowing the product was totally safe and hygienic to apply to the lips, eyes or face with the added benefit of having the choice to take the sample home to try out. 
Also having every beauty product sealed by 2020 would be great - no more going home only to find you bought a used lipstick! 

Beauty Clearance
As for nasty beauty clearance sections in shops that are so so unhygienic, the solution would be similar to the measures TK Maxx half-heartedly have in place already. Housing each product in it's own clear case so that it can't be tested. But this would be for every item in the clearance section - so however un-organized it became there would be no opened or broken products.

Better Products
Product wise I am really hoping SLS free shampoo, shower gel and bath products will be alot more available than they are now - not just Naked Bodycare in Boots & Sainsburys! 
Acetone-free nail polish wipes would be great...I'm thinking the size of face wipes. 
Also high factor sunscreen that only needs to be applied once for the entire day would be good. 
I also would love too see alot broader shade ranges to highstreet/drugstore foundation and concealers not the '6 shades to suit all skin tones' that is still so common!  

As for technology/ideas that I don't want to evolve anymore than they already have...

Source - Retail Week
I don't even know what they are called...but them stupid screens at beauty counters that take a snapshot of you which you then 'virtually' apply the makeup onto. However clear the image, however great the technology... a computer just cannot blend eyeshadow or contour the face, it can make you look like a clown though! This is an idea that I really hope doesn't evolve anymore than it already has.

Another product/idea that I don't know the name of is the little piece of plastic that you insert into your makeup product (in a little slot at the top) when you first open it and it counts down the months until it expires. I have a Cargo lipgloss that has one of these little gizmo's in and it's just pointless as I use the lip gloss maybe once a week, if that...therefore I will not be throwing it away in 4 more months just because the little do -dar in the top is telling me it's 'off'. 

Last but not least I really hope the Advertising Standards Authority wake up and realize that all the mascara adverts with 'last inserts' are just out of order and stop allowing such fakery! 

There is so much more I could ramble on about that I would love to see in 2020, but I won't.

Would really love to hear all your creative ideas on what you would love to see in the future!  



  1. Oh you've some really good ideas,
    I definitely agree with you that they need to dramatically change makeup testers,
    they're so gross and disturbing.
    That's why I tend to stay away from drugstore foundations etc because you just don't know what grubby hands has touched them before you. ewewewe!

    As for Beauty Clearance, its such a shambles in my TK Maxx. Full of dust and looks like its never been cleaned since the birth of jesus lol


  2. Very interesting! As for the sealed samples of everything I thik it would mean a waste of plastic and much pollution... maybe they could use some hygienically safe dispensers and we could bring little plastic pots alwys with us to take the amount of product we want :)

  3. great ideas, fee; and i'm with you on all of them.

    bespoke makeup looks like it would be A LOT of fun and it allows for us own products that are more unique to us.

    also, in the same vein of your advertising blurb. i think there needs to be higher level of integrity when it comes to photoshop. case in point: (saw this through another blogger)

    i mean, that girl doesn't even look real! guess what, photoshop peeps, REAL women have pores and expression lines! that just grinds my gears...

  4. Interesting ideas! Hygeine really does need to be improved on with testers. Even if they just put out brushes with a sanitizer...or even just sanitizers! When I see people applying lipgloss testers it literally make me feel sick - why would you do that?! I think sachets would be abused though, how could you monitor who had what and how many? You couldn't unless there was somebody at every makeup section. Imagine how rammed Boots would be haha.

    I think they need scanners to match skin tones. It takes a photo of your face and automatically matches you to a foundation shade - perfect! I guess then it could suggest blush/ eyeshadow/ lippy colours, too...

  5. Loved this post.

    I think you should seriously patent the Pantone idea! Not sure why that is not available already.

    Maybe the sachets would not be that eco but there could be a way round it I guess.

    I think the matching your skin tone is totally debatable. I got match as a NC in one Mac store and then as a NW in another. So..there you go. I guess that's a human error....maybe machines will do better. Who knows.


  6. I couldn't agree more!
    You should really get a campaign together or something, and get the rest of the beauty blogger world behind you and take this further. You've definitely brought up quite a few important issues that need to be addressed by cosmetic companies.
    The 'lash inserts' I will never understand, its just contradicting the purpose of the product.
    Well done on such a great post :)

  7. I love Olivia's idea for dispensers. Although that would mean no powder products...unless they are all kept safe in a box that only sale assistants can open, after they served you with some hand wipe so that hygiene is maintained...

  8. I'm not a huge make up wearer (I don't ever use foundation and I can't get eyeliner to stay on longer than about an hour) but I loved your ideas in this post. Some of them I can see actually being developed. Very clever thoughts :) x

  9. Youre makeup tester idea is GENIOUS!
    I can't believe i've never heard of that before, but it makes so much sense!

  10. im not sure which brand but i think cargo makes these makeup sachets for traveling "light" where you do get a range of eyeshadows

  11. found a link to it! thought you'd find it interesting, the bit about lipstick samples like aspirins and stuff. oh and really interesting post you have!

  12. @msconversecrazy -

    Thanks so much for the link - really interesting to know that it can be done/is already being done!

    Fee x

  13. @dani@callitbeauty Ha Ha I remember learning how to get that 'Dior smooth' skin look on photo shop, it was amazing what you could do to an ordinary photo. Never mind one that had been professionally taken. Also I was a photoshop novice just following an online tutorial.

    I obviously have very limited contact with make up other than on the rare occasion I buy some for my girlfriend. One of my pet peeves I have to say is chipped nail varnish.

    I think that it would be cool if there was a polish that was bio-degradable and if it chipped and became a bit shabby (not a small chip as I know that can sometimes happen) it would start to dissolve by itself.

    I know my idea is a bit sci-fi but you never know in the future with nano-technology.

  14. I like some of these ideas, especially the tester one. Store testers are disgusting.

  15. I love your blog, its so interesting. Hope you don't mind Ive added your blog to my blogs list of Beauty Blogs to check out. :)

  16. Amazing points...particularly about the make-up samples - I would buy so much more lipstick if I could actually test it out on my lips before buying!

    Foundation and blush I can test on the back of my hand (I know it's not a perfect match - but it's good enough)...but lipstick - I have very pigmented lips, and until I use the product on my lips, I have no idea how it will look (I read that you should test lip products on your fingertip - but that doesn't do anything for me).

    Chanel was offering lipstick samples of their new lipsticks, but when I asked at the counter, they were all given away. The sales lady offered to disinfect the lipstick so I could try it on my thanks!

  17. Some really great ideas here! I can't believe people actually fall for those mascara adverts, they really should be banned! x

  18. These are ace ideas!!! Even if the samples cost a little, I'd be willing to pay for a proper foundation match from the high street! I guess Prescriptives (RIP) tried to do the custom colour thing with foundations - but expanding the idea to all beauty products is genius! I've been trying to find a perfect true emerald shimmer shadow, all pull too blue or yellow. It'd be awesome if by 2020 I can get one produced! x

  19. I love the idea of samples instead of testers, it would be so much easier to find out if a product worked as you could apply it at home :) x

  20. oh fee you do have the best ideas!
    and i am 100% with the eyelashes thing. Surely it's false advertising! I don't even think things should be photoshopped, it does no good at all.

  21. Regarding the Tester thing, If they used pumps on ALL foundations...

    *hint hint nudge nudge every single makeup company in the world!!*

  22. The Pantone idea, is lain brilliant, imagine the possibilities!

    I agree drugstore brands need a much better range of colours in foundations/concealers! Here's to the future :)

  23. This is such a great post. All ideas are awesome. You need to be in charge of the beauty community in the future. I love the idea of the samples and of mixing and making your own shades...brilliant.


  24. This post totally made me think! And I do think your idea with the samples is awesome!

  25. Such an interesting post!
    I always see adverts for make up and wonder why they are falsely advertising something!
    I also agree with the samples, who wants to sample something that a 100 other people have used?? xx

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