Beauty Websites & Blogs of 2011

I sometimes think I read too many blogs & websites...mainly beauty related but I also follow way too many interior blogs and quite afew style blogs. I also have way too many favoured websites that I visit daily to see what's new.

LipglossipingA Model Recommends and Bubblegarm are the sites I visit daily but for some reason I still keep looking for more websites and blogs to read. So here are a few sites that I have found in the past 6 months.  

Best of Beaute
Simple and to the point - which is my kind of blog. Best of Beaute' is full of great reviews on low to high end beauty products. Also lots of lovely Nail of the Day posts which really do show off Cecilia's photography skills. 
  Visit Best of Beaute here.

Super Smoocher 
A website site totally dedicated to organic lip products - From the full range of Burt's Bees to the cute Badger Balms and vintage inspired Figs & Rouge lip pots. With a good range of brands there is something for everyone. With the huge plus of having Free UK delivery on all orders. 
See my review of some Super Smoocher products here or visit there website. 

Blog Lovin'
The one thing that keeps me up to date with my favourite blogs and finding new ones is Bloglovin'. I actually don't think I could be without it now. You basically sign up for a free and start adding the blogs you currently read. Every time one of your favourite blogs has a new post it will come up in your timeline with a little preview of the post so that you can read it. Once read you can either 'like' it or click on the icon to show you have read it so that it's removed from your timeline. 
You can also look as the most popular post in all different categorizes like Fashion, Food & Drink, Beauty & Lifestyle and see what up-coming blogs there are.
To visit Blog Lovin' click here.

Unique Luxe
Another great beauty website that has free worldwide delivery on all orders, big or small! Great for buying haircare products like Tigi and the cult Tangle Teezer. I really hope they keep on adding new stockists this coming year. 
To view Unique Luxe click here. 


Skin Scrubs 
A great skincare blog from an American living in the UK. Full of great honest reviews on a variety of skincare products, you will always find something interesting on Annabella's blog.
To visit Skin Scrubs click here.

Afew other great sites - Lipstick Luvvies, Sophy Robson's So So Fly Nails , The Beauty Bite and Beauty Diarist. 

Hope you check them out!



  1. Thanks, I'm following two of those blogs now - love finding new ones to read :-)

  2. Great recommendations - you're on my favorites list!

  3. ohhhh thanks for that, was looking for new blogs to follow!

  4. Thank you so much for the recommendations! I wouldn't find half of the blogs that I read now if it wasn't for other bloggers talking about them. You can find some real gems out there in cyberspace if you just get a nudge in the right direction!

  5. Now following bestofbeaute, blogs with great photos are an instant 'follow' from me!

  6. loved these suggestions! visited them all and added most to m google reader. more workday distractions for me :) thanks for sharing!

  7. Not sure if you already know this but according to Cision you're #9 in the Top 10 UK Beauty Bloggers

  8. @Meowcake - I actually got an e-mail from Cision about it..but don't know how true it really is!

    I wouldn't really say I was in the Top 10 but it is kind of nice :)

    Fee x

  9. Goodness, I am very honored to be featured here thank you so much!

  10. Aww thanks for the mention Fee, that has warmed my heart today. Jan xxx

  11. Thank you so much, Fee! It means a lot to be featured on your site - I wish I could take pictures even half as beautiful as yours, they always give me serious beauty product lust! xxx

  12. Am I wrong or Best of Beaute is disappeared? :S

  13. @Marguerite - Actually Cecilia has changed her blog to - has all the same old content though! :)

    Thanks for mentioning this - shall update this post now with the new link.

    Fee x

  14. Thank you, I love her blog and I discovered it because of you. ;)



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