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Instead of just talking about another product and reviewing it, I thought it would be nice to talk about the products I use the most and show were I keep them! 

I moved house in November and decided I wanted a more fresh, sleek look - so the corner cabinet you see above is the only storage I have in the bathroom (I do have a hessian trunk to store towels in though & a recess in the tiles next to the shower for shampoo etc). 
The cabinet (from Dwell) does actually store everything I need really - plus back-ups of shampoo & conditioner.

In the Bathroom Cabinet...

Top Shelf - Really just contains stuff I use now and again and I put deep hair treatments up there, like the ones that come with hair dye. 
Mini Yes To Carrots Shampoo & Conditioner, Mini Dove Conditioner (free with an ASOS order), dental floss and Eucryl Tooth Powder, No7 Protect & Perfect Hand cream sample size and L'Occitane Cherry Blossom Solid Perfume. 

Middle Shelf - Contains all the face products I use (minus toner and eye makeup remover). 
Neutrogena Rapid Clear Treatment, Botanics Face Brush (use this twice a day - really love it), Soap & Glory The Fab Pore Facial Peel Mask, Yes to Tomatoes Total Treatment Face Mask (another great product), Avene Cleanance K gel, Good Things Freshening Polish and Naked Jojoba Exfoliating Face Wash. 

Bottom Shelf - Afew back-ups and bath products - No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser (with I use with the Botanics Face Brush), N-Spa Hot Butter Fudge Body Polish, Naked Marshmallow & Aloe Silky Shampoo (back up), Naked Cocoa Butter Body Cream and Naked Starflower Bath Foam (back up).

Bedside Table...

Interior wise I really don't like this area - other than putting a table there and painting over the lime green alcove, I've done nothing. I do plan on painting the alcove wall in black suede paint on either side of the bed and putting up about 4 white heavy floating shelves to the ceiling. With two storage boxes at the bottom and then the rest for books and ornaments. As you can tell I have it all planned out! But it's just a case of finding a weekend to get it all done. 

I'm still going to keep side table (from Graham & Green) were it is though as it is quite practical...even though it is so hard too keep dust free & clean! The top two tiers of the table swing round so they can be closer to the bed. 

On the top of the table I just keep my Ciate Love Me Cuticle Oil - which is there so I'll remember to apply it before I go to bed, Blistex Relief Cream (I'm always having to apply this due to the nasty weather) and the Tokyo Milk Let Them Eat Cake Lip Balm which I really love.

On the next tier I've kind of squashed my treasured jewellery box which actually use to be my nan's which came from India in the 70's I think. I've always love it because of the secret lock and the amount of detail... and it of course reminds me of my nan in such a nice way. 

Then on the bottom shelf I keep a Models Own multi-buffer and No7 full size Protect & Perfect Hand cream - which I try to do at least twice a week to keep my hands and nails healthy. I also keep a small sized Yes To Carrots Hydrating cream there as I always have to moisturize the dry patches on the sides of my nose before bed or else it gets quite bad! 
As for the gold looking pen thing - it's a roll on version of Sarah Jessica Parker's Lovely perfume which I sadly put on before bed as it seems to help me drift off to sleep!! 

The lamp is just from Tesco... the tree thing (it's actually a candle holder) was from Homesense and the bush thing was a present from my boyfriend (which is there because I don't know were to put it)!

Dressing Table...

This side of the room is actually done - which I am so glad about as it's made it so much nicer to get ready now.

On top of the glass console table (from Tesco Direct) I have another lamp to match the other one and a nice fake Orchid from Next as I really can't keep any Orchid for more than a year without killing it off. 
I also have two matching cracked mirror glass tea light holders (from The Pier before it went bust!) that I use to keep mascaras in and the brushes I use daily. 

As for the clear storage box it came with a CK makeup set (I wouldn't recommend there products) so I just pulled out the card lining and now use it to store afew eyeshadows, eyeliners and lipgloss. Really need to purchase some Muji storage that can be stacked!

I keep most of my everyday makeup in a little 3 drawer storage unit that I got for £1 from Poundland! The top drawer storing all base products, middle for eye products and the bottom one for lipsticks. Really handy! 
Under that I have a Guerlain perfume box that just stores toner, makeup remover and blushers/bronzer. 

The wallpaper was from B&Q about a year ago, the mirror was a bargain at Dunelm Mill and the chair (which is what I take all my images for my blog on) was from an interior design showroom. 

Hope you liked this peek into what's behind the blog! 



  1. Great post. I love having a nosy in other peoples homes! Heehee! Love your bathroom cabinet, it's a great idea that it fit's in a corner rather than flat against a wall x

  2. Brilliant post!
    Everything looks so tidy.
    I adored the wall paper. Brilliant choice.
    I also loved the cabinet and the idea of a uncluttered dressing table.

  3. Your bedroom looks amazing with that patterned, black wall paper! Very sleek and sophisticated. I also like your bedside table though I'd probably make one from wood and buff it up (glass looks too modern in our house) :/ All of your organisation puts my drawers and cabinets to shame!

  4. Looks gorgeous- absolutely love the dressing table and bedside table. You're very organised with yuor products- I really must tidy my bathroom up as everything is just shoved in drawers meaning I forget what I have and only end up using a very few products.
    Re: the orchids- they have a habit of looking absolutely dead, dead as a dodo infact, but miraculously springing back to life the following year. Mine had all shrivelled up and withered but they got put on a window ledge behind a curtain and forgotten about, only for me to see them in full bloom again later in the year!

    xxx Maddie

  5. Lovely - love all your items in your house. Very stylish!

  6. I love these types of posts where you show bits from your own home!

  7. Im am definately going to poundland to scout for one of those storage unit beauties! Your room is so tastefull and looks rather expensive, I was shocked that the wallpaper came from B&Q!


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  9. This is superstylish Fee. I keep hinting to my OH that what I want is a sort of walk in beauty cupboard with glass shelves that I can store everything on, ain't gonna happen anytime soon but I can dream and in the meantime drool over your interiors porn! Thanks for this. Jan x

  10. A beautiful interior - I love that wallpaper! Everything is very tidy and I like your sleek storage items.

  11. I love how you've decorated :)
    & the new layout is gorgeous!! x

  12. Nice post! I have to admit, I'm a bit nosy! I like to watch that kind of post (storage, collection, houses, etc!)

  13. Great post. Your dressing table area is gorgeous! I also love the bedside table although I can see how it would be hard to keep it clean. Thanks for giving us an inside look.

  14. Love this post! I have so many bathroom cabinets, stuff everywhere, yours is so neat and tidy! Love all the shelves of the bedside table and your dressing table is gorgeous and looks great with that wallpaper and white mirror! I have muji storage, so practical and look good too! Dwell has gorgeous new stuff in but I also get stuff from cheaper shops like dunelm and wilkos!

  15. Gorgeous, and I love that bedside table. So Chic.

  16. I love your bedside table Fee! :) Everything looks so nice and neat :) x

  17. i ADORE your dressing table and your tiered side table! so gorgeous!

  18. i love everything about this post :) i want some of the muji boxes too! they're lovely xo

  19. This is a really cool idea for a post I remember through the key hole ha ha and I'd completely forgotten about it. Your house looks real nice, I really like how you've decorated your bedroom and the swivel bedside table is a neat touch.

  20. I love this post, Its really nice change. You have a bathroom cabinet just like mean Full to the brim lol. The bedisde table is fab! x

  21. Great read! I wish you could follow up to this topic



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