Face Mask Friday!

Avene Soothing Moisture Mask 50ml - £9.39

This face mask was very much an impulse purchase around 7 months ago after having a heavy cold. My skintype had gone from being it's usual combination, that was fairly manageable with the skincare routine I had. To feeling really congested, red and basically dull looking. 

Applying the mask...

I knew that none of my normal skincare products would help and really needed something that would bring the life back into my skin. So when I saw this in Boots and read the words 'soothing' and 'moisture' I headed straight to the till with it. 

The idea behind this mask is that it's a thick, white, soft cream that you liberally apply to the face for 10 to 15 minutes. Unlike alot of other masks this doesn't set at all but slowly soak into the skin. 
After, there is no washing it off (as most of the cream is absorbed into the skin) just softly blotting the face with tissue or a cotton pad will be enough to remove the excess cream. 
 When I applied this for the first time to my horribly congested skin it actually felt like it was drinking the cream up by the second! It was so soothing and cooling that all I wanted to do was sit back and relax.

The Results...

The results were just as impressive as the application! My face was noticeably less red and felt so much more hydrated. I used it once more a few days later to get my skin back to what it was before being ill. 
I've only used it afew more time since, again during and after being ill when my skin just felt run down and dehydrated and it sorted the problem out. 
I wouldn't normally suggest a product aimed at dry skin for any other skin type than dry skin! But I really feel that whatever the reason/situation - if your skin type turns from oily to quite dry or from combination to dry, this would be the perfect product to sort it out. Instead of constantly trying to get your usual skincare products to solve the problem, which rarely sorts your skin out. 


This of course is more than suitable for anyone with dry skin as an alternative to rubbing in thick creams, though I'm sure the product would be gone quite quickly if used once or twice a week as recommend on the back of the box. I also have a feeling this would be the perfect product to use after a long haul flight when the skin tends to feel dehydrated and basically rubbish.

A wonder product that individually sorts out skin that is congested, dehydrated, sensitive, red or lack luster.



  1. definitely worth the money then!! I'm going to put this on my birthday wish list lol! xx

  2. I love avene products they are so lovely and reasonably priced. i must get this x

  3. Hi pretty girl: I am writing this to tell you this is my favourite face mask ever, the only one I repurchase!! It makes wonders when my skin is tired, irritated or dull. I usually apply it at night and sleep on it!
    Great review, lovely,
    P.D: I wrote about it here, just in case you want to take a look: http://catanyasthings.blogspot.com/2010/11/extra-care-rutina-facial-cuidados-extra.html

  4. This is really interesting as my skin usually get dehydrated, dull and red...

  5. It must be noted oily skin may be due to overly harsh skin cleansing products or your skin attempting to maintain its moisture levels because it's too dry. This is the case especially in dry climates like England. So even if you have oily skin it's worth trying moisture masks to stop your skin producing too much sebum!

  6. Oooh 'Face Mask Friday' I may have to steal that routine!


  7. Big fan of all the Avene products, have a couple of Elemis masks on the go at the moment but this is on my list to try when they are done.

  8. I have this mask and i love it for when my skin feels tight. However it doesnt get rid of the redness. La roche posay offers a cheaper alternatve in packs of 1 usage which is good too.

  9. I've never tried this one before, and I've tried almost everything. Maybe this one will work... Whish I had your perfect skin though:-)

  10. Interesting, might try it at some point. I used to use Avene but for reasons I cant recall I stopped.

  11. I think Avene is a brand to definately try out. Thanks for the recommendation and the great post. Jan x

  12. I have this mask and I really like it. I completely agree with everything you said, if you have dry/irritated skin this mask is your saviour! :) x

  13. This sounds great! I have dry skin and i find especially in the winter i have to be carfeul as it becomes dehydrated and flaky! Great post x


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