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I love Models Own nail polishes, there range is large with so many great shades. I also love how Models Own will be in Boots from the beginning of May - September, with there lovely nail polishes and also there makeup range. This is more than exciting if you purchase from them already online.

So here is a preview of the new range that will be on there website soon. First up is Neon Orange - Lip & Face Paint and the Fuchsia-ful Lip Balm. I took one look at the colour and texture of the Neon Orange and my eyes widened, this is not a colour I would of normally chosen. The idea behind the little pot is that you can use this on your eyes, cheeks and lips and I suppose with the latex texture of it you could literally paint your face with it - if you so wished!

Now I really wish I had taken photos of the different application I tried out. I firstly tried it on my eyes over a primer with the smallest amount I blended this over my lid and just past the crease. Surprisingly this didn't have an tackiness too it once blended out and was alot more subtle than the Neon Orange in the pot. Ofcourse this is still a bold orange but just not as scary neon orange. Very wearable for summer with lashings of mascara.

Next I tried the face paint on my apples of cheeks which I was certain wasn't going to work, again I was quite surprised, but I think this was down to applying the smallest amount and really working it in. The end result was a subtle tanned orange glow against my pale-ish skin. I know this is where I will be mostly using this product.

Last but not least I tried this on my lips and to be honest it just didn't work, it was just too drying and accentuated the dry skin on my bottom lip as texture of the lip/face paint clung to the dry skin and was bolder in colour in that area. 

The other little pot is the Fuchsia-full Lip Balm which has a lovely berry scent to it. I really cannot fault this. It is so pigmented and moisturizing and applies perfectly. I really can't say anymore on this as for £5 it is more than worth it . I am really excited to see the other colours in this range. 

Next up is the new Duo Eyeshadow in - Pretty Baby. Which in the little palette does look quite pretty and shimmery. However the texture just isn't there, these are very powdery and almost crumbly which is a shame as both colours are quite nice (maybe a little TOO shimmery though).

Overall if I was new to makeup I may be saying these are nice eyeshadows and worth the £5 price tag. However I am not and I know a good eyeshadow when I see one. I do feel though these would be best suited to someone in there mid-teens that wants something so shimmery that isn't overly pigmented.

The last product is abit of a gem - Scarlett is just one of the lipsticks in the new range and if they are all like this then I am definitely impressed.

The consistency is really moisturizing and applies so well even directly from the bullet. As for the colour it is a bolder version of the classic red lip with a blue undertone to it, so it does make your teeth appear whiter which is always a bonus. As for the stay on power it faired quite well and did stay on through eating and drinking till the mid afternoon which is pretty good for a £5 lipstick. 

Overall the new makeup range didn't fail to impress ( maybe a slight fail in the eyeshadow area though) with it's really pigmented products. The new range will also include false eye lashes, mascara, blusher, bronzer and even brushes! Of course there will also be afew new additions to the ever growing collection of nail polishes. 
 I have my eye on Jade Stone already. 



  1. I love the idea of the paint pot things. To be honest I've heard bad things about Models Own but now i'm tempted to try!

  2. Those paint pots look GORGEOUS!

  3. LOVE the fuchsia lip balm, it's gorgeous!


  4. wow those colors are so bright and vibrant I think I am in lust over them!


  5. I LOVE that lipstick!
    thanks for the review! ^_^


  6. Love that lipstick!
    And thanks for the review.

  7. oooo love Models Own, def my fave brand of nail polish at the moment.

    got lots of swatches on my blog

    t x

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