Blogger Interviews - Ruth Crilly from A Model Recommends

 If you didn't know Model, Ruth Crilly has a blog called A Model Recommends which I have been a avid reader of since she started blogging. Her blog is more than insightful as she gets to try out so many products and ofcourse she gets to work with some of the best Makeup Artists. She writes the wittiest posts I have read and even posts videos on her blog! 

 I was lucky enough to interview with her on all things beauty related and also I have the pleasure of sharing her fabulous giveaway with you all. Just click on the image at the bottom of this post to take you straight to her giveaway.
You really don't want to miss it! 

What are you essential cosmetics?
For castings I have to look fresh and natural, and so I wear a tinted moisturiser, concealer, mascara and a sweep of bronzer to give me a healthy glow! I try to keep make-up to a minimum when I'm not working to give my skin a breather, luckily my skin has always been clear and so I don't feel too bad going bare-faced! Investing in a good concealer is paramount, though - I get dark circles under my eyes and sometimes they need industrial coverage!

What beauty products do you keep in your bag/purse?
I always carry a concealer with me (at present it's a Lancome 'softening' concealer in 02 Beige), a bronzing compact (Laura Mercier Pressed Powder in Golden Bronze is a favourite at the moment!) and a lip-moisturiser of some sort. Just delving into my bag's a pot of Blistex! Tingly, but you know it's working!

Which skincare products do you swear by?
Over the last nine years I have used just about everything under the sun when it comes to skincare! I think the most important thing is to keep track of what your skin is up to - if it changes, then the products should change too - it's no good using a harsh cleanser on stressed skin, for example.
I have said this so many times, but you can't go wrong with Embryolisse moisturiser. It works in all situations, and that's why you see it at every shoot, all over the world. You can use it as a moisturiser, cleanser, masque,'s just a very basic, non-offensive wonder-cream!

What is your signature fragrance?
I wear Coco Mademoiselle every day, but if I'm going somewhere sexy I spritz on some Agent Provocateur!

How do you pamper yourself?
I get into the bath with a face mask on and then generally mess about with potions and scrubs and foot files for ages! I have my baths far too hot and come out looking like a shrimp, but I find it very relaxing. I have never been into massages and treatments, they make me feel a bit 'on edge', but I'm reviewing a few soon, so I should get over my fear!

Which women inspire you?
I meet such a diverse mix of women on a day-to-day basis; freelance stylists and artists who juggle their personal and professional lives, high-powered business women, women who have made the choice to be full-time mothers... I find inspiration in all of them! There is always something new and exciting going on within my circle of friends - whenever we meet I come away feeling very inspired and driven.

What are the most re-purchased items in your makeup bag/collection?
OK...from the top: Clinique's Take the Day Off (one of the only removers that can cut through the industrial strength gunk that gets put on my eyes!), Dove Deodorant, Clarins One-Step Cleanser, Sanex Shower Gel (HUGE bottle!), Aussie 3-minute miracle conditioner, Embryolisse moisturiser, E45 cream. I use E45 for loads of things - sunburn, dry shins...
I have loads of other things that I dip in and out of, but the above are things that I have used for years and years!

As I mentioned Ruth is doing an amazing travel kit giveaway so you can win all the products above! All you have to do if click on the image of the products and become a follower of 'A Model Recommends' and ofcourse enter. The giveaway is open internationally and closes on the 1st June. So get entering!

If you want to read past interviews in this series just click here and make sure you look out for my next interview with the lovely Charlotte from Lipglossiping.


  1. Great post! I love interviews with other bloggers, always so interesting!


  2. Oh my god, I don't believe Ruth has a blog that I didn't know about! I watched the channel 4 documentary names "it's a model life" or something similar and she was on it! She was brilliant. I really loved it.

  3. great interview, fee! it's great to see insight from someone who works in the industry. :)


  4. I love so much this kind of interview I really would like to do one of it! I love Ruth since you made me discover her, it's incredily interesting find model's cosmetics tips!You're so smart Fee ;)

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