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 (Niki from Papery & Cakery with her  lovely dog)

Papery & Cakery has been one of the blogs that I always without a doubt return too over the past few months. I can spend easily an hour looking through past 'Cakery Friday' posts at Ali's amazing baking. However I am awful cook  if the recipe includes eggs, flour, butter or sugar...I was just not cut out for baking, well so I thought until I tried afew of the easier recipes on the Papery & Cakery blog.

My ultimate favourite/success has to be the...

Apples and Honey Tart   looks quite hard to make, right? (The photo is from Papery & Cakery, before you go thinking that it is my handy work!) It soooo isn't  it's only three ingredients and 10 minutes cooking then Voila! I will always love this blog for introducing me too this.

The other part of the blog is the papery side which is Niki who runs a marvelous stationary studio in Florida (who I had the joy of asking a few beauty questions). I am a sucker for typography from my college days and so I love her blog posts which showcase wonderful custom made invitations. They are just beautiful.

Anyways I shall stop rambling so that you can read Niki's beauty answers!

What are you essential cosmetics? 
I swear by lip balm and lip gloss along with bronzer (although I prefer a little bit of real color). I am not a big makeup person at all and have little patience for putting it on. Lip balm and bronzer are my basics and I take it from there....

What beauty products do you keep in your bag/purse?
I never go anywhere without my Jo Malone lip balm with Vitamin E. I keep tubes of it in each of my purses and next to my bed and in my car. I swear its the greatest. See--not a big makeup person at all!

Which skincare products do you swear by?
I like the Neova skincare products and lumiere under eye cream. I am obsessive about making sure that I don't sleep with any makeup on my face, especially mascara, and I love the Neova remover and their hydrating moisturizer. At night I use neova's smoothing gel to keep from breaking out. I also use a daily sunscreen called Ti-Silc with SPF 45. I love Jo Malone's lotions, especially the grapefruit and lime basil and mandarin. I'm a total citrus person. I also love the bliss lemon products, especially the exfoliator and body butter. My sister recently bought another great body butter in grapefruit from the Body Shop and I am pretty obsessed!

What is your signature fragrance?
Jo Malone lime basil and mandarin is above and beyond my absolute favorite fragrance. Also love Anik Gutal's signature fragrance.

How do you pamper yourself?
A few months before I was married, I was studying for the Florida Bar Exam. I was a lawyer before I launched Papery & Cakery. The stress of the exam and the wedding really took a toll on my skin so I started having facials once a month. I never quit the habit and treat myself to a facial every four to six weeks still. I now incorporate treatments like a Copper Glow or a peel, whenever my incredible aesthetician, Laurie, thinks I need them. I don't think I'll ever quit. The facial is a lot more medicinal than "spa-like" but I absolutely love getting them and my skin appreciates it even more.

What are the most re-purchased items in your makeup bag/collection?
Definitely Bobby Brown bronzer in medium, Jo Malone lip balm. Armani concealer and Armani eye palettes (I have a weakness for these). Also like Maybelline mascara's as well as Dior Show at night (although I really hate waterproof mascara). I love Armani eye pencils and Chanel palettes too.

 I don't know about you but I just love abit of snooping especially when it comes to someones makeup bag - so I am hoping you are all liking these series of posts. If you missed my first blogger interview with Carlinn from Superficial Girls you can find it here. 

I am not sure which blogger I am featuring next however I have some really lovely interesting interviews done and dusted with model Ruth Crilly, the amazingly stylish Nil Erturk and beauty blogger wonder woman Charlotte from Lipglossiping.



  1. Loved reading this, off to check out the blog now too :) xxx

  2. i like this series, it's fun! can't wait to read your next one.


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