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I love beautiful packaging - there is nothing better than purchasing a book with an aesthetically pleasing cover like the beautiful Goddess Guides by Gisele Scanlon or 'My Favourite Wife' by Tony Parsons. Something that is on a par with this is receiving/purchasing a beautiful bottle of perfume...ok and makeup ofcourse!

So when looking at the FiFi Awards nominations I by-passed most of the categories to the Best Packaging section. 

The nominations for Best Fragrance Packaging are...Dum Dum Dummm 
Essence by Narciso Rodriguez
L’Eau Ambrée by Prada 
Life Threads Collection: Silver, Gold, Platinum by La Prairie
  A Scent by Issey Miyake 
Lola by Marc Jacobs.

My main favourites out of the nominations are Essence and L’Eau Ambré. If you have seen Essence by Narciso Rodriguez in the flesh I am sure you will  know what I mean when I say it is more like an ornament than a perfume bottle. The bottle has a mirrored film then a layer of glass which give it a very simplistic look. As for the Prada Fragrance it is just so chic with the ombre bottle and old fashioned atomizer. I also love the gold plate ontop of the bottle. If the fragrance smelt nice it would be a bonus as this bottle would look beautiful nestled in my handbag!

A Scent by Issey Miyake and the Life Threads Collection by La Prairie I am still on the fence about really. I don't hate them but nor do I love them. A Scent is simple and kind of blocky which makes it look masculine and heavy. It almost looks like it has been carved out of ice. As for the Life Threads Collection it is quite clearly aimed at the more mature woman - I am sure my mum would love to receive Life Threads Gold. It does look quite expensive but there is just something about it that I don't like. I would of much preferred to see La Prairie's Midnight Rain nominated. Much more striking and beautiful.

Last and least liked fragrance has to be Lola by Marc Jacob, Marc's inspiration for this was a explosion of flowers which I guess he has succeed in doing. However the flower is made out of this thick rubber which reminds me of the jelly sandals I use to wear as a child. It feels cheap and umm the perfume is far from cheap. Also have to seen the size of the flower it's huge and very impractical. Marc has gone down hill since his lovely Daisy perfume bottle days.

As I am not too keen on afew of the nominations I thought I would show you which perfume should of been in this category! Well in my opinion though I would love to know which perfume bottles you think are the fairest of them all.

First up I would of included the new(ish) Balenciaga Paris fragrance. The bottle almost remind me of a glass cloche or bell jar. As for the ivory top it looks like it has just been placed ontop of the bottle and ofcourse the cracked effect top either reminds me of marble or a cracked stone piece of structure in Paris. Really, just a wonderful yet simple bottle.

My other choice would again be quite understated with Maison Martin Margiela's - Untitled. I can't describe was it is about this bottle that I like. It's clean and simple but again quite chic and expensive looking. I can't place my finger on it but I know it deserved a nomination.

So there is roughly 19 days left to vote and there are alot of different catogories to vote in, the main 'important' one though would be the Woman's Luxe catogory.
To have a look at the finalists just click here.

I would love to know which perfume you would vote for in the packaging category from the ones above and your favourite perfume of 2009/2010. 



  1. Hi there again sweetie, thought I would just pop over to your 2nd blog whilst I was at it! Great to have some scent advice, always good to be able to pass onto clients, when I'm styling them!Sharon xx

  2. my fave out of the nominess is L'Eau Ambrée. it's simple but striking. i kind of like the Life Threads Collection design too, it looks like architecture. however, the rest of them are unforgettable.

    as for Lola, all i'm going to say is that the flower looks very childish. childish and plasticky. seriously that thing looks like it'll melt any second.

    great choice on the balenciaga perfume. very elegant.

    great post, fee!


  3. I agree on the Balenciaga, it's gorgeous but I also really love my Lola flower bottle! I know it's not everyone's taste but it makes me smile everytime I see it. And I have the 50ml bottle so it's not quite as big as this one. I take other perfumes with me if I go away though coz it takes up far too much room in an otherwise packed case.

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