Debenhams Reward Card Vs. Boots Advantage Card

As the Boots Advantage Card is officially the most generous loyalty card in the UK there isn't much of a contest. However I did want to show the advantages and disadvantages of both card so I didn't seem like I was being totally negative.

I was 'inspired' to write this post after receiving an email from Debenhams titled - Important, your Beauty Club Reward Card expires soon. It is self explanatory really, but I shall quote what the email said.

"We love that you’re a Beauty Club cardholder, but we’ve noticed you haven’t used your Beauty Club Reward Card recently - if you don’t use it over a 12 month period it will expire".

They also provided a link so that I could remind myself of the benefits of being a Beauty Club Member, which I did.
So here are the advantages and disadvantages of the Debenhams Beauty Club Reward Card.

Debenham's Reward Card

  • Anything is better than nothing - At least they have a 'points' card, right?
  • You can use your points as part purchase.
  • You can collect points when paying using the points you have saved up.
  • You receive a £5 reward if you receive 500 points in one transaction.*
  • Points or any £ value loaded onto the card will expire 6 months after issue.
  • Your balance may only be checked online or via email updates.
  • If you don't use your card within 12 months the card expires.
  • If you forget your card you cannot place the points on your card at a later date from your receipt.
  • To receive a £5 reward you would have to spend at least £166.*
  • When you sign up for a card instore you then have to activate it online later.
  • There 'Exclusive' gift,offers & samples because your a member doesn't exist.
  • There point system is slightly confusing - 1 point per £1 when you spend upto £25, 3 points per £1 when you spend £25 or more, 500 points = £5, 1000 points = £10.
  • There are no special offers sent via email so that you can receive more points.
  • There 'Beauty Store Events' are just events that are running at the time and are open to everyone.
As you can see the Cons outweigh the Pros but my main gripe is with the point being removed from your card after 6 months and also your card expiring after 12 months. To me this is pointless, Debenhams definitely doesn't benefit from letting cards expire.
Also it would be nice to receive a balance statement and newsletter through the post every 3-4 months or so.

Boots Reward Card


  • You can sign up instore or you can sign up by phone.
  • You earn point on everything you buy (except for prescriptions and infant milks) - even emergency plasters when your shoes are rubbing!
  • You can check your balance at the Boots kiosk instore or online.
  • Collect 4 points per £1 you spend.
  • You can pick up points you've collected online at the kiosk as well as printing out money-off coupons and special points offers.
  • You can pick up the health & beauty magazine 6 times a year for free.
  • They send out balance statement with special offers and extra points coupons through the post (I received a double points voucher that could be used twice just afew weeks ago).
  • There are always promotions on different brands where you can earn 200 extra points.
  • Your points can be saved up or not! Then can be spent on mostly* everything instore.
  • Your point cannot be spent at Boot Opticians or online.*
  • You cannot make a part payment of points towards a product. You must of collected the full amount of points required for the product you want.
The only thing that I can fault the Advantage card on is that you cannot make a part payment where you say use all the points on your card that total £10 for example and want to purchase something that is worth £12. So use would pay for the extra £2 with your own money. This cannot be done. Of course if you are purchasing afew items and not just one you would be fine as you could pay for afew items separately with cash.

So there obviously is a clear winner but then again there always was! I really feel that Boots are giving something back to there customers while encouraging you to spend. However with Debenhams it just seems a money making ploy and if you don't spend there that often then they don't want you.

Without there loyalty cards Boots would win hands down for me for the sheer fact of there £5 vouchers for No7 or Ruby & Millie that appears instore quite often.

I would love to know your views on both cards and if you have either of them or not.



  1. What's the point of having a card whose points expire so quickly? Thumbs down to Debenhams there! I have a Boots Advantage card and love it, I earn points pretty quickly which is nice. I agree with you about there being no part payment system being a bit annoying. But overall, a clear winner!

  2. I totally agree that it's hard to see the perks of the Beauty Club card. However, they have just had an event that's exclusive to card holders. They were asking for 'fans' on Facebook. They pledged that if they reached a certain total they would give all active card holders and fans a £5 off voucher. In the end I think they have decided to give all active card holders the money off voucher. You should get it your may email if you're still getting those.

    I presume the reason for this campaign is exactly because people aren't activating or using their cards.

    I have been trying my best to accrue points to spend but they really do make it impossible! With the other vouchers they were giving away recently I haven't ended up spending more than £25 in one transaction so the points I've got are really pointless (pun intended!). For me the advantage card scheme is far superior. Time for Debenhams to catch up I think!

  3. I have both but I never use my Debenhams card. I love my Advantage card, I seem to collect points really quickly to buy extra treats and I love the special offers and vouchers you get sent!!


  4. Yup I have both too and I totally agree. I love my boots card and use it all the time. It encourages me to shop there more then superdrug too because I know I will get my points. Also they have great deals sometimes on benefit and urban decay that if you buy 3 items you get £7.50 worth of points.
    I have never used my debs card apart from the time I got it. Its pointless. They have it all wrong.

  5. The Debenhams card seems so pointless. The makeup in there costs so much so to be using it so regularly with the card, will actually cost you more than you save. Unlike the Boots card which has a range of value to luxury goods and a good range of everything so is so much more cost effective. I always use my points to buy lunch if I need to or any emergency supplies and to much as I love's not really a necessity or emergency supply to me.

  6. That is ridiculous. For sosme reason unbeknownst to me I've never had a Boots card. And I usually buy all my perfume from there! So I'm just going to sign up for one now which I'd just thought I'd let you know you can actually do online also;

    It's so so much better value! Thanks for the post or I would have put it off.

  7. I have never had a Debenhams card, but I'd be put off be the points expiring so soon after issue. Especially means there isn't a Debenhams store near to me and getting to one would be a major shopping trip.

    Ever since I can remember I've had a Boots card, and I used to use the points to buy Christmas presents when they had the 3 for 2 offers on. Saving cash and get freebies, always a winner. Now I forget to use them and my points just build up. Just wish you could use the points as a part payment which would be really helpful.

    Thumbs up to the Boots card!

  8. I actually work for Boots so am obviously a bit biased :) but our customers really do love the perks, as do us staff! Always nice to get some freebies with points or the extra points voucher mailings! I was going to get a Debenhams card but after your insight, I will not waste my money! Thanks once again for a brilliant POV! I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! x

  9. The Debenhams card really isn't much of a reward. I only got one because the UD alice palette was exclusive to Debenhams. Most of the beauty products they sell can be brought from Boots anyway and their reward card is much more generous! Plus there are always loads of special offers and bonus points available at Boots. I much prefer shopping at Boots anyway and their loyalty card has made me like Boots even more! x

  10. I love the Boots Advantage card, I quite often get my lunch from Boots near my work, as well as the vast quantities of make up and cosmetics I end up buying, so mine stock up quickly! x

  11. Debehams always sends me £5 bonuses to spend in store all the time and i hardly spend money there at.

    Boots i currently have accumulated £30 worth of points, even so i rarely use my points to spend.

    But i must say i love the boots card more! :)

  12. I always go to Boots.
    When Debenhams have the same products I go to Boots because of the points. Last time I even got an extra 200 points because the SA printed a voucher off the kiosk that I didn't even know about.
    The SA's in Boots are always much friendlier anyway and don't put the pressure on as much as the Debenhams ladies.

  13. I've really been enjoying your blog. I have sent you a sweet blog award ( :)

  14. That's a bit bad on Debenhams behalf, it just seems like a ploy to make you spend more money and get hardly anything back.
    I love my boots advantage card, you actually get something back with them which is great.
    Debenhams need to catch up or just ditch their cards really.

  15. I haven't got a Debenhams card, so I won't bother get one as I usually go there for the sales only and that's only when I have time/money. Methinks my points would just keep expiring :(

    I love my Boots Card. Things like Double points this month, or 10 points per £1 like this weekend, will always be an incentive for me to shop in there. Even if it's to grab my sarnie before we go and have a picnic in the park.
    Worth mentioning as well: I don't know if they will do it again this year, but last year they had those events when you spend £50 and you get £12 of points credited on your card. I shopped there for a lot of my 3 for 2 presents. Lots of smellies for family and toys for the kids. Moneywise, just with those offers it was as good a deal as anywhere else anyway. But with the special event offer I managed to accumulate £70 worth of points, just to treat myself with !! OH HOW I LOVE MY BOOTS CARD !

  16. Thanks for posting this. I've been wanting to sign up for the Debenhams card for a while, but I had no idea the points expired! Don't think I'll bother now, I don't shop there nearly enough to make it worthwhile. Anything I'd buy from Debenhams I can pretty much get at Boots anyway!

  17. I have to admit that I love both equally, in Sheffield, the only MAC outlet is in Debenhams, so it comes in quite useful. And it means you can get money off the designer make-ups you love. I do love Boots for the cheap fixes and everyday toiletries.

    I have £10 reward left for my Beauty Card. So I'm treating myself to a MACs Peachykeen or Brit Wit. Oh happy times!

  18. also when you spend £25 you get £5 reward but you have to wait until the start of the month to recieve it? atleast i think thats the case. ive spent so many £25's this month but still have to wait for my reward!

  19. im love my boots card i use it all the time but ive never use my debenham beauty card its pointless x

  20. I get emails from debenhams about offers, maybe not frequently but I get them now and again. I've also had free samples (good sized not perfume) in with my orders. But I agree boots is the best, if only they sold a few more brands like MAC or Laura Mericer as thats all I spend on Debenhams due to free delievery x

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