Ikea SKURAR Plant Pots as Makeup Brush Holders

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On a recent trip to Ikea I picked up two Skurar Plant Pots for £2 each (here) with the idea of using them as makeup brush holders as my collection is ever growing and I needed something bigger to hold all my makeup brushes in. 

But little did it occur to me that the plant pots were quite tall, taller than my makeup brushes at least, meaning when I put my brushes into the pot they could hardly be seen.

 Then I had a little light bulb moment of using long grain dried rice in the bottom of each plant pot so that the brushes could stand up nice and high, and also be separated.


Now try to ignore my mostly dirty brushes but I think it turned out quite well! I filled both pots half way with dried rice and then place in my brushes. As you can see one holder is for eye brushes and the other is for face brushes. 

As for the SKURAR plant pots I really do love them. They are metal, meaning they are nice and strong and the cutout lace detail is a lovely touch.

Whilst in Ikea I also spotted lots of other white plant pots that could be used for makeup brushes, lipgloss, mascara etc, starting from only £1.65. All really great for budget desk storage whilst still keeping it pretty! 

Fee xo.

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