February 2013 Favourites


This is my first monthly favourites post of 2013. I have been loving so many products in the past month that I thought I just had to sit down and write a post on everything.

My only rule for monthly favourite posts of 2013 is going to be that I try to not ramble on about each product (emphasis on the 'try') as it just gets too long and boring.. So here is what I have been loving and using the most in February...

Tony Moly Egg Pore Silky Smooth Balm Primer 20g
eBay - £7.93 free p&p here
Ever since I tried out and loved the DHC Velvet Skin Coat which is a heavy duty silicone based primer, I have been left a bit disheartened by all the primer that high street brands have to offer. They just don't seem to cut it for me and my desire to smooth out my skin. But finally I have found my perfect silicone primer with the Tony Moly Egg Pore Balm. If you don't like the feeling of a silicone primer on the skin then I would say just don't try this, but for anyone that wants to mask blackheads and diffuse the skin then this is just the most perfect product! Of course the golden egg packaging just makes me love it that bit more as well. You can find detailed images of the primer and it's packaging in a blog post here

Topshop Cream Blush in Head Over Heels 4g 
Topshop or John Lewis - £6 here & here
I'm a huge fan of Topshop's cream to powder finish cream blushers in their cute dotty packaging and 'Head Over Heels' has to be my new favourite shade. This is a lovely pink/coral shade that can be worn really naturally or built up if that is what you like. Perfect for a fresh face look and ideal for spring. Love, love, love! 

Natural Collection Blusher in Pink Cloud 
Boots - £1.99 here 
After a recent makeup organising session I placed this long lost blush into my everyday makeup Muji storage tower so that it received a bit more love than it was getting. I'm not overly keen on most things in the Natural Collection range however their blushers are something I do really like. They are soft and easy to apply and the shades are just so lovely. Pink Cloud is a light pink that gives a little flush of colour to the cheeks and suits pale skin perfectly. 100% worth the super cheap price tag

Lush Liquid Eyeshadow in Sophisticated
Lush - £14.50 here 
  Oh how I enjoy my cream taupe-y eyeshadows. This is a new love for me and even though I know this is pretty much stupidlyy overpriced (should be under £10 at least IMO) I can't help but really love it. The liquid eyeshadow feels fresh and weightless on the lids and blends perfectly with the fingers or a blending brush. As for the shade it is a light shimmery taupe that would be more of a highlighting shade on dark skin tones I feel, but for me its just a lovely warm eye colour. The only thing I can say with the price tag is that as so little is needed it will last a very long time. 

Garnier Body Ultimate Beauty Oil 150ml 
Feel Unique - £6.80 free P&P here
Finally I have found a body oil that I don't feel is a chore to apply. When it comes to moisturising I am quite lazy as it just takes too long and I hate sitting around feeling all sticky. However this Garnier Oil has transformed how much I moisturiser now. After every shower without fail I spray this everywhere and quickly rub it in. It's not thick or sticky and doesn't leave the skin looking super oily. I also make sure I apply extra to my legs after shaving to leave them super smooth the next morning. This will be a product I re-purchase again and again I already know. 

Nivea Lip Butter in Caramel Cream 
Boots - £2.25 here 
This was in my 2012 favourites and I have been continuing to love it. Super cheap but super lovely. I love the creamy texture of the lip butter and of course the Caramel Cream flavour to it, though I do also love the Raspberry Rose scent which smells more like raspberry yogurt. If you are in need of a new lip balm when I would highly recommend checking these out in either Boots, Superdrug or Tesco.
Tigi Bedhead Foxy Curls Shampoo (SLS-free) 250ml 
Fragrance Direct - £6.50 here    
I'm a serial shampoo buyer as I am always on the hunt for that perfect SLS-free shampoo and for a long time now I have been most happiest with the SLS-free Tigi Bedhead shampoos (though do be careful as a lot of Tigi shampoos aren't sulfate free). My most recent favourite one from the brand is the Foxy Curls Shampoo. I tried a few 99p minis from Fragrance Direct and then liked it so much I purchased the full size. The shampoo is a lot thicker than most but it foams up so well and smelly like jelly babies! If you want to be SLS-free but feel like you are still using a 'normal' shampoo then Tigi Bedhead would be the way to go. 

Lavera Basis Sensitiv Organic Hand Cream 
Feel Unique - £6.75 here
I recently got back into using this hand cream after loving it for months and months last year. I actually love it again so much that I wondered how I had forgot about it in the first place. It is such a fast absorbing hand cream which is what I love about it the most but also it really does hydrate the hands and cuticles. As for scent it is quite unlike anything else I have skincare wise, it is a very aqua fresh scent that I can't get enough of.

Elysambre Nail Care Oil 
Henna Herbals - £9.29 here 
  I received this is a past Joliebox (now Birchbox) and didn't try it for ages and ages. But since the start of 2013 I have been religious using it and more than loving it. It is by far the best cuticle oil I have used. The oil just hydrates around my nails so well and smells lovely. Sadly the only place I could find this is a website called Henna Herbals which doesn't look all that great to be honest. But if you ever spot a Elsambre stand anywhere and this Nail Care Oil isn't over priced then either buy it or make sure you tweet me telling me where you spotted it as I know I will want to re-purchase it when I use it up! 

Ted Baker Eyelash Curlers
Boots - £8.00 here 
I have always been an eyelash curler user, with my past eyelash curlers being from Cosmo and No7 which I used every time I applied makeup. But once I received the new Ted Baker ones they just felt a lot more springy and stronger so I decided to ditch my No7 eyelash curlers and just use the Ted Baker ones. I am a little sad these don't come with re-placement pads but I am so pleased with how they work. They really curl my eyelashes so well and I feel like they stay curled for longer than ever before as I am noticing my eyelashes more as they stay curled, if that makes sense! 

Hope you have enjoyed reading my monthly favourites. 

If you have wrote your own post please do link to it in the comments below as I love discovering what other people have been liking. Or feel free to tell me your current favs! 

Fee xo.

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