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Starbucks Travel Mug

Over the past decade Starbucks have pretty much become a 'cool' brand therefore making this thermal cup a cool but cheap gift for anyone that likes their hot drinks

This is also a bit of a steal as I have seen the steep price tags of some of the Starbucks merchandise in-store but this is from Tesco and really well priced.

The Starbucks cup (Tesco £5 - here) is double insulated porcelain (don't quote me on this) and is designed to be a travel cup so you can pour in your favourite hot drink and be able to hold it... no burn-y fingers here! Also there is a nice silicone top with a small cut out for drinking through.

starbucks cup

But as the silicone top comes off it can be used as a cup which is what I have been doing with my lovely Whittards White Hot Chocolate and squirty cream on top, sooooooo good.

This would be a lovely gift for anyone that has to commute everyday or a student. Or if you wanted to make this a larger gift you could create a hot chocolate hamper by buying nice Hot Chocolate (Green & Black's & Whittard's are amazing), mini marshmallows, some Chocolate for grating and a mini chocolate grater (I recently purchased one from eBay £1.99 free p&p - here). 

Tesco also do a red Starbucks mug with a box of their classic hot chocolate (Tesco online £5 - here) which would also make a lovely gift.

 It is worth noting that Tesco have a click & collect service, something I use a lot, so you don't have to spend anything on delivery, just pick up your items when shopping. 

Both products mentioned should also be available in larger Tesco stores.

Fee xo.

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