Gift Idea - Thierry Mugler Miniature Fragrance Set

Thierry Mugler Miniature fragrance set

 Perfumes are a lovely gift to give or receive at Christmas. But when giving a perfume you do have to be either clever and know what they like or want they want. Which is why it is lovely to give a miniature perfume set.

I am personally a huge lover of Thierry Mugler fragrances and I love miniature fragrances so this set has got me really excited! 

I remember the first ever miniature purfume set I ever received for Christmas when I was in my teens. It was a Cacharel set that contained Anais Anais and Amor Amor and three other dodgy smelling perfumes - I loved it! I can actually remember sitting there in my new dressing gown on Christmas morning trying them all out on my wrist and neck... similar what I do now really as an adult!

Christmas day reminiscing aside this lovely Thierry Mugler set contains 4 minuture perfumes in their exact full size bottles (I really love the detail). The four fragrances are Angel Eau De Parfum (5ml), Womanity Eau De Parfum (5ml), Angel Eau De Toilette (3ml) and Alien Eau De Parfum (6ml).

Available for £31.00 at Debenhams (here), Selfridges and Harrods. 
thierry mugler mini perfume set

Other than Angel Eau De Parfum which is a classic, the three other scents are fairly recent additions to the Thierry Mugler family with Alien being the newest fragrance. So the set is quite up-to-date which is really good.

I should mention for anyone wondering why 'Angel' features twice in the gift set as EDP and EDT. It is because even though they are both called Angel they really do smell nothing alike. Odd I know, but trust me the EDT isn't a lighter version of Angel EDP even though it is a lighter perfume. 

I have owned Angel and Eau De Star in the past but now my new favourite is Alien which I'm going to be asking for on my Christmas list! Womanity I am also really keen on... but I can't ask for two perfumes really.

This is such a great gift for someone that already loves a fragrance from Thierry Mugler as they are bound to discover a new scent they like, like I did! Or someone that likes really rich, sophisticated fragrances would love this. 

Another mini perfume set I love is the Vivabox (Perfume Shop - £34.99 here) which is SUCH a great gift idea. More brands/stores need to do this!

Fee xo.

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