Gift Idea - Elegant Touch Nail Art Kit

Elegant touch Nail art kit ASOS

A great little stocking filler gift today for anyone that likes a bit of nail art. 

The Elegant Touch Nail Art Kit is available from ASOS which means free delivery (woop!) for only £2.50 (here).

The set contains 3 sheets of nail art stickers - stick-on stars, rhinestones (my favourite) and skulls. The stickers easily peel off and can be applied with their sticky backing to natural, artificial or nail polished nails - so simple!

Elegant touch Nail art stickers

What I really like about this little set besides from the price is that it is simple. Anyone that likes painting their nails can enjoy this as it's just a matter of peeling of the nail art you want and pressing it lightly onto the nail and adding a clear top coat if you so choose. Also removal is so easy, you just need to press a bit firmer with your nail polish remover to remove the stickers. 

This is a set that a really wide age range can enjoy from early teens to anyone in their 20's. I also love how it's something the receiver of the gift could try out on Christmas Day when they open it, as I know this is what I like to do with my own presents!

Gift idea aside this is also quite nice if you are into festive nails but don't want to be using glitter nail polish as removing it is such a nightmare

Or you have Christmas parties to go to in December and want to easily jazz up your nails.

A really nice cheap little set! 

Fee xo.

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