Gift Idea - Philosopy Sugar Plum Fairy Gift Set

Philosophy Sugar Plum Fairy gift set

When I first discovered Philosophy I fell in love with the cute names and lovely scents but not so much their price tags. 

But in recent years Philsophy have come out with more affordable gifts such as this one, which for £16, is quite reasonable for such a lovely look gift set from a higher-end brand.

The lovely Philosophy Sugar Plum Fairy Duo contains - Sugar Plum Fairy shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath (240ml) and Sugar Plum Fairy high-gloss, high-flavor lip shine (15ml).

Philosophy £16 giftset Christmas

The Philosophy gift set is available for £16 at Debenhams (here) and John Lewis (here). 

What I really like about this set is the attention  to detail from the gift box to the products. I love how festive the box is, with the glitter red stars and gingham ribbon (this isn't an excuse not to wrap it up though, my Christmas bug bear is people that don't wrap up gifts!)

The 3-in-1 Sugar Plum Fairy product is something that most people should enjoy - no having to worry if they are a shower or bath person. Sadly I couldn't photography the colour of the gel which is a lot more vivid and glittery which is really nice. As for the scent, it is sweet and soapy smelling which I quite like. 

As for the High-Gloss, High-Flavor Lip Shine, wow wow wow this really is high flavour! The smell of this is so sweet, actually like sweets. It definitely is so good you want to taste it. This also has a lovely finer pink glitter running though it that catches the light really nicely. 

A really lovely feminine gift set that won't blow the bank! 

Fee xo.

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