NOTD - Models Own Snow Flake & Jack Frost

Models Own Wonderland nails Jack Frost

If you haven't heard of the term 'snow globe' nails then it will be because I made it up in my head once when I applied glitter over white nails! It reminded of when all the snow settles at the bottom of a snow globe. 

There is a way of achieving snow globe nails and that is with a white base coat and silver or sheer flecks of glitter nail polish - it can never be coloured glitter!

Here I used two nail polishes from the Models Own Wonderland Collection - Jack Frost and then Snow Flake (Models Own or Boots £5 - here). For my base nail polish I went for Revlon Powder Puff (a Poundland buy!) which has a matte suede finish and slightly pearly blue hue to it that is very subtle. You can see my full Models Own Wonderland Collection post - here.

I think the main thing when trying to achieve delicate looking nails like these is to let each coat of nail polish dry so that you don't get thick layers of nail polish. Also it means you won't end up smudging the glitter off the nails because it's too thick!

If you like the look of Models Own Jack Frost but can't find it in Boots and don't want to pay P&P online then a great dupe for it is Maybelline Cosmic Flash. 

Do you think you will be trying out 'Snow Globe' nails? 

Fee xo.

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