9 February 2011

Superdrug MUA Nail Polish & Coke Offer

With every two (500ml, £1.19 each) bottles of  Coke from 16th February you will receive TWO Limited Edition MUA Nail Polishes (worth £2)! 

There will be three twin packs to collect -which will all be the bestselling shades in the MUA range. 

The offer ends 16th March and will be in ALL Superdrug Stores.

With the best thing about the offer being you can buy any type of coke and not just Diet Coke! 



  1. Thanks for telling us! I was dying to know when you posted on Monday haha!

    Are the MUA polishes any good? I have tried the lipstick and it is ok...

    Anyway I will probably try it because it is basically just a few p more than just buying the polishes alone!

  2. Oh and I have to agree with you, I am glad that it is not just Diet Coke, as I prefer regular Coke!!

  3. awsome i love the mua range, have quite a few of their nail polishes :] xx

  4. I got the Nails Inc nail polish with the Diet Coke and I love the shade I got. I think I'll try and pick up the pink and bright coral set in this offer!

  5. I'm so excited now! Thank you :)


  6. ooh thats a good one, no way near as good as the nails inc one though!xxx


  7. Is the Nails Inc one at Boots over now? :( I missed it if it is.

  8. Oooh I like the pink and coral shades :) x

  9. Thanks, must pop into superdrug soon then.

  10. Am I buying stupid but doesn't two bottles of coke cost more than the nail polish? :s

  11. Dear Superdrug,
    Haha nice try,
    love Boots

  12. ooooooooooMG i can't get enough of all these offers haha. The colours look better than the nails inc ones that I got and the fact you get two shades :) plus I hate Diet coke .....full fat coke and nail polish love it :)

  13. Bless Superdrug for bringing this offer out, but I agree with Victoria unless your buying two bottles of coke anyway its not really that much of a bargain! but still can't resist a freebie :)xx

  14. I always buy 2 500ml cokes for The Boyf and I when we go to the movies (at least twice a week) So I'll be buying them from Supedrug from tomorrow! Very excited to expand my nail polish collection! THanks for sharing!

    www.thelovelypenguin.blogspot.com xx


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