NOTD - Nails Inc. Shoreditch

I haven't worn this nail polish in over a year - mainly because I forgot about it and it's such a Spring/Summery nail polish. 

 So as the sun was shining this morning and there was a glimpse of Spring in the air, I thought I'd wear it!

Even though I haven't touched it in so long this still applied perfectly and only took two coats! 
It's also still as vibrant as ever and so shiny compared to other nail polishes I own. 

I think the nail polish reminds me of summer so much as it's the same shade as the jelly sandals I use to wear as a child on holiday - catching little fish in the rockpools!



  1. You can definitely see the shine on the polish and I love the vibrance of the colour. I'm sure it will really add a nice splash of colour to any outfit you're wearing!

  2. The colour is so pretty!
    I love wearing bright nail polishes, I wear them all year round to brighten up gloomy cold days.
    Haha I used to have those jelly sandals, clear glitter ones too :P xxx

  3. Interesting colour. I think it's probably not for me but I appreciate the vibrancy.

  4. I loved my jelly sandals! I had glittery silver sandals with a little heel and I felt so grown up tottering around the house.

    There's nothing better than a brightly coloured nail polish to banish the winter blues, and this particular shade is gorgeous!

  5. oh my gosh that is BEAUTIFUL!! So pretty and shiny! The perfect summer pink. I bet it would look so pretty on toes.

  6. Ohh I love the colour! You have nice shaped nails too! I may have to get my bright polishes out! =)

  7. That colour is fab. Nice to know you can not use it for a year and go back to it. I've had a few nails inc polishes and had the same experience. Summer is coming :-D xoxox

  8. Gorgeous colour... I really must sort my nails out so I can use polish again.

  9. Ahhh so pretty - makes me feel all summery!

    Jo xoxo

  10. I need this colour in my life! I love nails inc polishes! :-) I am slowly building up my collection, this may have to be next on the list!

    Leanne x

  11. LOVE this shade, I have to have it for summer!

    & your nails are lovely!

    Sarah x x

  12. i love this colour! such a perfect shade of bright pink! perfect for spring and when the sun decides to pop out =) xx

  13. I am in love with this colour. Its soo gorgeous.

  14. I love shades like this- definitely brightens up a gloomy February! x

  15. Love the colour! So pretty! And you have the most PERFECT nails! V. jealous :P

    Kathryn Xx

  16. I have this nail varnish too! You have such lovely, perfect nails !! Mine are awful :l

    follow me :D


  17. Lovely color Fee, it definitely reminds me of summer! :) x


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