The Unsavvy Lust List

Clockwise from Top - Love Moschino Gold Charming Jewel Print Bag £135, Kartell Stone Stool £126, Miss KG Platform Slingback Shoes £75, Bloom Silk Magenta Tulips £149.

Definitely not savvy...but that is besides the point. The point being - it's nearly Valentine's Day, which means I get to lust after thing that I probably won't get on the day or even the year! 

My boyfriend has already treated me to a lovely laptop bag and on Valentine's Day we have planned a little trip to Harvey Nichols for a spot of Afternoon Tea. So I'm really not complaining, at all!

However a girl can still secretly wish for a few other the stunning artificial tulips from Bloom. Pricey - yes, but so realistic! Though spending £150 on fake flowers is just not going to happen, ever. However I do NEED a new stool for my dressing table. The one I currently use is a white leather chair, which I also take all my blog images on, so I really don't want to risk ruining it. Plus I am forever tripping over it for some reason. So the Kartell stool just seems like the perfect solution, right? 
I knew I could rely on you to agree! 

O.P.I Lites To Darks Mini Set £12.15, Les Nereides Floral Necklace £68, 3 Custom Colour Century in Red Lip Palette £30, Tuberoli Eau de Toilette 50ml Space NK £8.75

 I of course had to include some beauty products - Now why I didn't spot this before I do not know, but so some reason my favourite Space NK perfume has been reduced to an amazing £8.75 for I normally pay £18 for a tiny 15ml bottle, so an amazing saving! So I will be most likely buying it myself even though I have more than enough perfumes at the minute, just in case it's being discontinued! I also always love the OPI minis and though I don't need any of the shades, I am still lusting after them. 

As for the 3 Custom Colour Lip Palette which is fairly new to - just wow! I don't think I would ever need to buy a red lipstick again - ok, that is a lie, but it is such a gorgeous palette. Really would love to see it in real life or even a photo would do. 
There definitely needs to be more products like this on the market and at this price!

Mirabelle Hammered Bangle - medium £11, Barbara Wiggins Leather Diary £25, Bloom Silk Artificial Garden Roses £19, Paradise Make-up Pouch £7.50.

Another thing that may just suddenly appear through my letter box in the next week or so is the lovely Paradise Makeup bag from Graham & Green. So so cute and perfect for traveling with. Plus it's quite affordable for a makeup bag I'd say! 

Another item I love... and will probably be asking for in May for my 23rd birthday, is the Barbara Wiggins Leather Diary (did she really have to put her name to it?) in Gold or Bronze. I love them floppy molskine type diaries - but this really is a step above the rest. Beautiful, beautiful. 

I hope you can forgive my un-savvy-ness just this the name of love! 

Fee xxx


  1. Love the idea of a "money no object" lust list! Mine would include a Mercedes. But more realistically Tom Ford lipstick, a Guerlain compact and La Prairie skin care!

  2. That's not 'unsavvy' at all! All the items in your list do not exceed £200 - don't forget a regular Moschino bag can easily be priced at £500+! I really do think you're being sensible here and you should tell your boyfriend that :P

    Cassie x

  3. those shoes are gorgeous! great lust list, very luxe ;)


  4. Those OPI polishes are just too cute - and I'd wear every single shade! The silk roses are too beautiful.

  5. yes the stool is definitely a good solution! and i love those types of diaries!xxx


  6. Great products! Unfortunately my boyfriend and I don't currently have much money so we're keeping things very simple this Valentines day!

  7. Love the diaries also, usually love moleskine but these are right up my street!x

  8. Love your picks! Stools are gorgeous and love the diaries! x

  9. Love the Kartell stool, I want a ghost chair when I move somewhere with space for a dressing table! The diaries are lovely too.

  10. @Becky - Couldn't decide whether to put the ghost chair in the post or them chairs so much. Eventually would love a set of them for around my dining table, slightly too pricey now though! :)

    Fee x

  11. Just to let you know in case you don't already, the Space NK perfume IS being discontinued. (i used to work there) it will probs pop up in their next couple of sales though! x


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