Exciting New Products for Superdrug

Lots of new products from Superdrug this Spring/Summer that I thought I'd share! 
I don't have many details but most should be out this month or next....so not long to wait.

Gosh Limited Edition Spring Collection

Launching mid February this is a Limited Edition of nude shades
just in time for Spring! 
Miss Mole (see swatch here) and Miss Sweety (see swatch here) from there current collection (£5.00) get a floral makeover (can't see the point really, but never mind). Plus two Velvet Touch Lipstick in Cappuccino and Nougat (£6.49). I'm not sure if there will be other products in the Spring collection - I do hope so though! 

Gosh Long Lasting Lip Markers

These new pens come in four shades - Red, Chocolate, Pink and Berry and will be priced at £6.99b each. I'm not sure if that is abit too steep, but if they are pigmented and actually long lasting then I may be swayed!

New Barry M Lip Paint Shades

Now it wasn't too clear if these are new shades, but I certainly haven't heard of them! 
The glitter lipstick on the left is Shade 107 in Bright Glitter Purple and the shade of the right is Shade 82 in Flouro Pink (£4.25)

New Products from Sleek

As for Sleek, there will be a new White Ink Pot...plus (now I'm not to sure of this) a product called All that Glitters Eye Dust, which were Limited Edition Christmas 2009 products if I'm right in thinking. 
So I guess we will have to watch this space! 

Also quite a nice Nail Polish/Diet Coke offer coming up this month...which I will tell you all about on Wednesday!

Not as good as Nails Inc but you can atleast buy Coke & Coke Zero with this offer! 



  1. Oo that all sounds pretty exciting, apart from the glitter lipstick, I don't really like that idea aha
    Thank you for another great post :)

  2. Liking the idea of the GOSH nude lippy, want to try a paler one to see how it looks but dont want to spend a fortune in case its a bit naff on me, this is the perfect way to trial it so thanks for the tip off!x

  3. Ooooh another Coke nail polish offer! Tell us more now! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. The GOSH pens look just like the Revlon ones that were brought out! Liking that glittery Barry M lipstick.

  5. Ooooh that Gosh nude lippie looks lovely! Excited to hear the nail polish coke collabaration! :) x

  6. The Gosh products look lovely! Can't wait!!

    Love J.

  7. I really like the look of the GOSH nudes. I can't get over the striking similarity between these lip markers and the ones that MAC released. They look identical.....Hmmm.....

    I'm really looking forward to hearing about the Coke offer. It's a good excuse to buy Coke with no guilt!
    Jane x

  8. am interested in the GOSH range now :) i appreciate the change in their uniform and black packaging...:D

  9. I'm not that keen on the nude GOSH collection since I'm more of a colour girl, which is why the lip markers are right up my street! Can't wait to read some review comparisons between them and the Max Factor ones before I cough up cash.

    I've just started writing again, so check out my blog please? :D


  10. white ink pot... omg.. cant wait!

  11. Very excited for the lip markers. They seem to be big in America but I don't know of many lip marker brands here!


  12. the barry m lipsticks look really nice, may get the fluoro pink onexxx


  13. I'm eager to try those GOSH lippies, ideal for Spring. And the Barry M glitter one just looks FUN! Thanks for sharing and I'm loving more Coke offers :)


  14. that glitter lipstick is amazing! how fun :)

  15. Gosh now make lip markers? My day is made!

  16. I think the Barry M is out already. I really want the gosh collection the lip paints look fab and a bit cheaper than max Factor (may not be as good)

  17. The GOSH packaging is so cute! I'll probably buy something from the collection for that alone! xx


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