Beauty & Fashion Book Sale!

I have far too many nice books that I just haven't ever got round to reading and are starting to gather dust - so I've decided to be ruthless and sell afew! 

Book Sale Rules 
  • UK Only
  • All books are FREE p&p
  • If you want to buy anything just leave a comment with the book you want and your paypal e-mail address
  • Paypal only - please pay within 3 days
  • Books will be posted 2nd Class and packaged in lots of bubble wrap.
  • All books in very good condition and have never been read!
  • All books listed are hardback
  • All prices are below Amazon & eBay prices
  • No returns accepted

Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual  
£10 free p&p - Sold!

Influence -Ashley & Mary-Kate Olsen
£12 free p&p -Sold

How To Shop - Mary Portas 
£6 free p&p -Sold

Style A to Zoe - Rachel Zoe
£6 free p&p - Pending

The Shops - India Knight 
£4 free p&p -Sold!

The Little Black Book of Style -
Nina Garcia 
£4 free p&p  - Sold!

 Happy Shopping - Fee xx


  1. @ Sarah - Just sent a request payment now.

    Thanks Fee x

  2. @Lou - Just sent a request, thanks!

    Fee x

  3. @Laura - The Bobbi Brown book has already gone, sorry!

    Fee x

  4. @Sabrina - Sent you a request now for The Shops book. Thanks, Fee x

  5. @Vanity - Fashionista - Just sent you a request for the Influence book,

    Thanks Fee x

  6. @Mim,
    Just sent the payment request for A to Zoe.

    Thanks Fee x

  7. If you haven't already have a chance to check it out, I have a makeup competition going on right now with 3 great prizes to be won:

  8. @Leann,

    Awww thank you :), just sent you a payment request via Paypal.

    Fee x

  9. Paid :)
    Excited for my parcel.
    Just done dissertation on Visual Merchandising, so lead to me research how people shop, so intriguing.
    Thanks again
    Leann x

  10. @Leanne -

    Ahhh great! It is all very intriguing, hope you enjoy the book :)

    Fee x


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