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Before you think I'm being boring and suggesting a cheap contact solution for contact lens wearers, I am not! Ofcourse it can be used for that but it can also be used for so many other better things. 
This 360ml bottle from Tesco cost me around £3... but you can purchase saline solution from most chemists and supermarkets for a similar price and should last you one to two years. 

Here are 5 ways you can use Saline solution...

1) Use with Contact lenses
For years and years I purchased branded contact lens solution from an opticians, which was quite costly. Then after looking at the ingrediants on the back of the bottle I realized it was basically salt water. So after doing abit of googling I was 100% sure Saline solution was contact lens solution. Ever since, I have used Saline solution to store my lenses in and also to clean them before I put them in my eyes. 
Really does save alot of money over the year! 

2) Turning eyeshadow into eyeliner and intensifying eyeshadow...

This is very straight forward, instead of wetting your brush with water from the bathroom or a water spray, you just use Saline solution! 

I just pour abit of the solution from the eye drop style top into the cap and dip my brush into it, then place my brush it in the eyeshadow.  
As it's basically salt water in the cap I discard the rest of the solution that is in the cap by soaking it up with a cotton pad and put the cap back on the bottle. 

As you can see it doesn't really intensify the eyeshadow that much, but really does seem to keep in place alot longer - the reason for this is the salt in the solution holds onto the moisture and keeps the eyeshadow in place. 

The same applies with using any powder eyeshadow as eyeliner. Doesn't intensify the pigmentation but does mean you can create any shade of eyeliner and know it will last! 

Definitely easier than spritzing your brush or going to the bathroom to run the brush under the tap! 

3) Removing eye makeup

Firstly this doesn't work with waterproof makeup you will need to use an oil based remover for that. I use Saline solution in two ways to remove makeup - I either dip a cotton bud in the saline solution to clean my water line if I've got mascara on it, as it's more than safe to use in the eye and around it. Or I pour the solution onto a cotton pad and remover all my eye makeup like I would with any remover. This is especially good if you don't like residue being left on your skin from oil based makeup removers or if you have sensitive eyes. Just make sure you hold the pad against the eye for atleast 10 seconds before sweeping downwards to remove the makeup. 
4) Used as eyedrops
I know that alot of people suffer from dry eyes that feel uncomfortale and itchy whether they use contact lenses or not and buying eyedrops for this can be expensive. I mean charging £6 or more is quite steep. 
However saline solution does the same job and is so safe for the eyes. Ofcourse the bottle is a little impratical for carrying around in your handbag! So I would suggest buying a contact lense holder to securely store the solution in your bag. I always purchase mine from eBay for £1-2 including p&p. 
It just stores about 10ml of the solution but doesn't have a dropper like a bottle of eyedrops , so I just dip a clean finger in the solultion and drop it in that way or I run my finger along my waterliner softly and then blink afew times. 

If anyone has any other ways of using Saline Solution I'd love to hear them!



  1. Great post Fee, especially the eyeshadow/liner tip. xx

  2. Great uses :)
    Thanks, might have to get some of that!
    Izzy <3

  3. These are brilliant tips.
    I also use saline solution to spray foundation brushes and my face for a more flawless foundation application.

  4. Great post. I didn't know saline solution had so many uses!x

  5. Thank you so much for the tips on how to use saline solution! Firstly, because it's hard to find a saline solution that isn't ridiculously priced and secondly, because I never knew how useful it could be! I'll definitely be digging out my saline solutions for more than using with my contact lenses in future.

  6. This is a brilliant post. I have never used Saline solution and not really known that it has so many uses. The eyeshadow tips are especially useful as I have oily eyelids. Thank you

  7. Fabulous post. I suffer with dry eyes and spend a fortune on eyedrops, but all of them state that bottle must be discarded after being opened for 1 month! Using the saline will produce the same results but be much more economical. Love the tip for eyeshadow/liner too. Jude xx

  8. Great post.
    I used it when I had my belly button pierced to clean the bar..and on my ears when they've reacted badly to my earrings xx

  9. Your a mind full of information - I've never thought of using this to wet my brushes before - definately going to try it out tomorro!! x

  10. Saline solution only lasts for about a month or two if they're to be used in your eye...

  11. Very imaginative...heard about saline solutions but never bothered to investigate their uses. Will probably have a look in Tescos now (anything to perk up the dreary grocery shopping task, eh?).

  12. Now this is a wonderful set of tips! I have about ten bottles of contact lense solution which need using up before they go out of date. Never imagined I could use them with make up! :)

  13. Cracking post, really useful. I now wear contact lenses, so to have a source of cheap solution is great!

  14. What an amazing post! You are a fountain of knowledge, Fee! xoxo

  15. Makeup Savvy Makeup Saving honestly Fee you are a mine of information, I always learn something from your posts. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou. Jan x

  16. What a great tip I am an eyeliner addict, I shall definitely be trying this!

  17. Great tips I might get a bottle just for the eye-shadow techniques :)


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