Beauty Bloggers Unwrapped - Zara from Mouldy Fruit

Mouldy Fruit is another favourite blog that I like to read daily. Zara always seems to make me aware of products I've never tried before and I can't be help be jealousy of dark eyes and lovely skin. 

She also definitely knows her stuff which I love! 

How will you be spending Christmas?
Christmas is always pretty much the same for me, Christmas morning is spent opening presents in front of the fire, with some cheesy Christmas movie on in the background. We all sit around in our dressing gowns with a cuppa till around midday. In the afternoon my mums two sisters come over and then its festive fun, big Xmas lunch, lots of food and lots of laughs with my favourite people. Me and my family are all so close and Christmas is just another excuse to get together and have a good time.

What do you want for Christmas this year?
To be honest there isn't much I want, I just celebrated my birthday in November and got lots of goodies. So there's nothing on my list although I am very welcome to surprises haha! 

What is your best festive memory?
It has to be from around 3 years ago when my mum and dad came in with these huge boxes and were like oh these are presents from Trevor (A family friend) me and my bro were thinking what the hell are these.. unwrapped them to find a brown box, opened the brown box to find my Macbook from my mum and dad they did the same for my bro. It was so random and very much appreciated, just remember me and my bro being so much in shock as it was unexpected.

Last year my Fiance did the same thing and disguised my gift in another shaped box and inside were a pair of Christian Louboutins! Those moments are definitely cherished and looked back on with a smile!

There was also the year that I spent Christmas in Mauritius in a hotel and father Christmas came on a speed boat, NOW that was RANDOM! It didn't really feel right being on a beach at Christmas, although I wasn't complaining!

Who would you love to have as a Christmas-lunch guest(s)?
I think my lot are loud and crazy enough that no one else would want to be a guest haha!

What is your favourite gifts to give...And to receive?
I love to give, especially presents that surprise.. I am quite thoughtful and enjoy giving really personalised presents. I think people forget how attentive I am, so it's great to see their reactions.

Any favourite Christmas movies?
It has to be Home Alone 1 and 2, me and my bro watch it every year and it NEVER gets old. Everything about it gets me in the mood for festive fun. I also love Jingle all the way these are films that we grew up to and we can sit for hours re watching them! 

Where do you go last-minute gift shopping?
Lakeside shopping centre!! I remember last year I left all of my shopping till Christmas Eve, I sometimes think I work better under pressure. Well no one disliked their gifts so I must have done good ;)

Your favourite part of the festive season.
Being with loved ones, eating loads and watching cheesy TV! Then again nothing beats Christmas mornings unwrapping presents!

And how will you relax when it's all over?
Someone will always get given a DVD so probably watching movies, continuing the eating and wearing new Pyjamas (I am sure everyone receives PJs at Christmas!)

Christmas Kisses :) xx



  1. Thanks for sharing Zara, that was a lovely read. I feel very Christmassy. I love watching films on Christmas day too x

  2. I love a Christmas film - It's a wonderful life works every time. Em is an Elf addict, she has bought herself the dvd and has watched it at least once a week since the start of December and I have a feeling its booked in on Sky for xmas morning too!

  3. @ModestyBrown - It was a lovely read wasn't it! So Christmassy :)
    Oh btw make sure you have a look see on my blog tomorrow :)

    @Debbie - Is it really bad that I've never watched It's a wonderful life? I've seen the end...but never the full film! Maybe I need to watch it before Christmas day as I never seem to watch anything on the day until about 8 at night!

    Also love Elf :)

    Fee x

  4. Great interview. I do enjoy reading her blog. :)

  5. I love Zara's blog, the interview made me feel all Christmassy :) xx

  6. love interview :) Zaras blog is amazing :) xx

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