Last Minute Gift Idea for Her

Image the scene - It's Christmas Eve, it's snowing, your feet are freezing, the queues are stupidly long and your out shopping!

To me personally this spells disaster. I start to panic buy on '3 for 2' and that idea of getting someone a unique present totally goes out the window. 
So I thought I'd warn you right now to never go shopping on Christmas eve...and if your planning on doing it, just re-think! Go the day before, anything! 

With this you can even have a look at the aisles that don't just contain gifts, which is where I found this perfect present.

 Yes, I found this is Boots...middle shelf, kind of near all the odd medicines for odd ailments that people don't like to talk about - just above the corn plasters and the squidgy heel inserts that look like chicken fillets.

This is the Reviving Overnight Rescue Treatment that comes perfectly boxed and priced at £4.99. 
Now to be honest I think everyone suffers with there feet at one time or another. I know I really do when I've walked too far in stupid shoes and I get that nasty build up of hard skin on the back of my heel that is just so hard to get rid off. I don't mind talking about my cheesy feet as I know must of you will probably be able to relate - which is why this makes for a good gift I'm thinking!

Anyways the cream itself comes in lovely, actually quite heavy glass jar and smells so good - think marshmallow and cream, nothing too overly sweet or sickly just nice and comforting. Plus a pair of white cotton socks, now these definitely aren't the most stylish of things in the world and actually look they would be more suited to curled up Elf feet. But that is besides the point! 

I obviously cannot tell you if it works, but I think most foot cream left to soak in overnight in a snug pair of socks would cut it. So I would be shocked if it failed to soften my feet. 

But I genuinely think this is a nice but cheap present that most women would actually try out (I'm actually considering buying it for myself after Christmas).
The packaging with the little heels on the inside is nice, the jar feels and looks good and the cream itself smells alot better than I thought it would. 

Last minute £5 present... Done!



  1. Aw, that looks cute and so much less clinical that foot creams usually do. Going shopping after the 21st is always funny though, Boots usually rammed with men looking confused and lost - poor guys!

  2. christmas present?. im getting this for myself! loool
    thanks for the heads up xx

  3. This is a lovely set/box, I have something similar from Avon that's ancient! But I will now look to get this when mine runs out!

  4. i have used this foot cream and i quite like it. i like the smell and the fact that it looks kind of stylish (anyway, way better than your average foot cream) and yeah, it leaves your feet soft and nice, but don't think it would be a wonder-product for people who have really, but really bad bad skin on their feet. but it is worth it

  5. That does look nice, clearly if you need industrial strength cream for your hooves the only way to go is Flexitol (talking from experience), but if you have dainty little toes that just need a bit of help this would be perfect. Although I am weird, I cant sleep in socks - it makes me feel like I can't breathe!!

  6. "are stupidly long and you're out shopping" (verb! not possessive pronoun)
    "everyone suffers with their feet"
    (possessive pronoun! not adverb)
    It's not that difficult!

  7. I think you mean it's not that difficult for you.

    Having said that I can't say I care too much and I really don't think my readers do either!

  8. Ohhh I love marshmallow so if my feet can smell like them that win's my vote :) My best friend works there so I will ask her to bag me some, as I am always on my feet and they get ignored most of the time so this would be lush. AWW so glad to be back to blogging, hope you are well Fee and going to catch up on your other posts xxxxx

  9. R.e. ruined feet from killer heels (oh so worth it though!), try 'Appy Feet' if there's one close enough to you. Bit weird to begin with but my feet were unbelieveeeeably soft afterwards!

  10. @Vintage and Cake - Glad your back and seriously I think I will HAVE to get some too...smells so good for some reason.
    Tell me what you think if you get it.

    @Laura - Thanks for the comment, I actually tried it out about a month ago and did really love it. Really noticed a difference...but sadly haven't been back with Christmas and everything.

    Fee x

  11. gah! i've been wanting to find a good foot cream for my feet, it's been so rough from my obsession with sandals.
    Thanks for sharing!

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