Winter Hair & Skin Savours

I actually think in winter I give my skin alot more care and attention than I ever do in summer.  This has to be because if I don't, my skin soon shows the sign of needing moisture and basically just looks abit grim and grey.

So for this reason I like to use both oils and moisturizer. 
This is also the same with my hair and lips..I definitely look after them alot more, so I thought I would show you the key products I love. 


My hair seems to react so badly when I dye it in winter and I dye it monthly. I can get away with dying it once...but after that my hair definitely becomes more brittle and so knotty after having a shower however much conditioner I use. The problem seems to have only got worse this year with my hair being at it's longest ever and the tangles in it really became a problem when I was trying to dry it and I prefer to tease out of tangles with my fingers rather than use a brush...but that's another story. 

So I picked up this hoping it would help...

Henna Treatment Wax 
(Bodycare 99p)

Now it does strangely contain Sodium Laureth Sulfate, which I totally don't understand as it's conditioner and it doesn't lather up. But I bought it un-knowingly so I decided to just use it.  Plus I was quite intrigued by it as I'd never seen anything like it before. 

The idea behind this is you apply it to damp hair as a mask after shampooing it, then wrapping it in a hot damp towel for 15 - 30 minutes. Then you rinse it out. Not something you would do every week but as a one of deep conditioner twice a month this is just perfect. 
Like it says it doesn't colour the hair and it really isn't like wax in the least...more just a thick conditioner that you coat onto the length of the hair. 
This not only leaves the hair really shiny but totally tangle free - a must for anyone suffering from dry, knotty hair!


Palmer's Moisturizing Body Oil 
(Superdrug/Boots £4.80)

My main aim in winter is to keep the moisture locked into my sounds abit cheesy but I've always thought it you can keep your skin soft any moisturizer will be really absorbed into the skin and actually keep hold of it. 
So every winter I use a body oil after showering and this one is my favourite. It does have a little pour lid but I actually pour a quarter of the bottle into a travel spray bottle (I got mine for £1.50 in Superdrug) and I keep it in my bathroom cabinet. So when I get out of the shower I can spritz it all over myself and then pat myself dry with a towel. This really does stop you from getting it all over your hands and on the floor, plus I think it actually works better than just pouring it onto the skin. 
You can also use this in the bath - which also leaves the skin really soft. I also use this as a deep moisturizer on really dry skin like my heels and knees, I just apply it to dry skin rather than applying it after a shower.   

Avene Thermal Water Spray (Boots £6.36) 

I'm not going to say this is a wonder product but it's definitely an amazing multi-use product. It's a toner, a simple water spray/after sun treatment, it's perfect for wetting makeup brushes to use eyeshadows wet and it's also perfect for helping moisturizer soak in better! 

So I basically spray this all over myself before I moisturise and this just really helps it soak in. I'm not saying it will work for everyone but I really do notice a difference!

24 Hour Naked – Coco de Mer Body Butter ( £4.99)

 This has to be my all time favourite moisturizer, that and Palmer's Cocoa Butter. This just smells and feels so great, alot more expensive than the £4.99 price tag. It's just a moisturiser that really makes a difference to my skin even afew days after using it. 

I also love using this as it last forever as it's a body butter and a little really does go along way so this will definitely last you all winter. Also this does feel really natural, not overly greasy or sticky. It's just great!  


Face & Hands...

Avene Cleanance K (Boots £10.28)

I guess this is slightly indulgent, but it works so therefore it's totally justified! 
I have what I call 'Complex skin' - I definitely have an oily T-zone, but then my cheeks can be dry and even next to my nose can get quite tight and dry. 
But this just seems to sort it out - I apply this before my foundation and it almost acts like a primer and really makes my skin look alot smoother and brighter. It also seems to balance out my skin and clears up any spots I have around my chin.
A real wonder product!  

Neutrogena Concentrated Hand Cream (Boots £3.49)

Ok  I know this is a boring product, but it works really well so I thought I would include it. 
It's thick and greasy which is what most people hate in a hand cream and for that reason I only use it before bed, but it literally works miracles.
I only need to use this twice a week at the most to keep my hands feeling soft and my cuticles from drying out and peeling. 

A definite must for anyone that is out in the cold all day or has to wash there hands alot. This is also one of the only hand creams that stays on though hand washes. 

 Botanics Facial Loofah (Boots £2.69)

I actually wrote a whole post of how much I hated using these on my hard to hold and they just didn't work, then I went and deleted everything I wrote! 
But since then to make the most of these I've started to use them on the backs of my arms and my legs and they work perfectly. Unlike a huge loofah that can get abit grimy over time the pack contains 5 0r 6 little loofahs that you can throw away after a month or so. 

Like I say I have been mainly using them on the back of the arms and they remove all them little annoying bumps. But you can really use these everywhere on the body.  
Cheap, hygienic and perfect with your favourite shower gel. 

What are you all time favourite body products for the cold winter months? 



  1. Where is Bodycare? I want some of that wax!

  2. i love using lush's body butters/massage bars in the winter because they feel so thick and moisturizing on the skin. they do take a while to sink in, but it's so worth the wait :)

  3. I'm using a the lush strawberry massage bar atm and it works wonders during winter. I'd like to try the hair wax, i have really dry ends! x

  4. @Rachel - I thought everywhere in the UK had a Bodycare...but it must just be a north thing!

    It's kind of like a discount store full of body products but they also sell a whole range of fragrances.
    As for the wax I've never seen it anywhere else!...but it really is pretty great.

    Fee x

  5. I love the sound of the henna hair wax thingy:
    1 your hair looks amazing and
    2 I have the same issue with hair dyeing.
    I have given up on blow drying my hair as like you said with the hair dye and weather, it's all dried out and breaks so easy. So this would be PERFECT :) where did you pick up the henna mask? oh Body care ...? yep must be a north thing, you lucky people. I will have a look online for something similar. Hugs xxxxx

  6. Intrigued by the thermal water, might have to give it a go! I really rate the Soap & Glory body moisturiser and end up going back to it time and time again. Elemis' Milk Bath is great in Winter too if you have the extra pennies spare, but it's rather pricey x

  7. Great post. I love the look of that Henna Hair Wax. The packaging alone would sell me. I am big into the deep conditioners. I don't think I have dry hair but I don't want to have it so I do so many different treatments to prevent it. I don't usually get dry skin in the winter, but could definitely use some miracle products for my dry, cracked lips.

  8. @Laura - I really rate the thermal water...but I know afew people that don't see the point in it and think a spray bottle of water does the same trick...but it really is multi use. So great for using with eyeshadow/on brushes and fab on nasty sunburn!
    Thanks for the recommendations too :)

    @FunnFaceBeauty - Yeh it was the packaging that first enticed me in - after using it, it actually makes my hair too soft but when I wash it again it's so perfect and feels so much softer! Shame it's just not sold everywhere.

    As for miracle products for dry lips - have you tried using Bepanthen (the nappy cream)? Works so well as an other night treatment, just lather it on before bed as it's white and it really works wonders.

    Fee x

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