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I love reading 
it's the polar opposite of my own blog but that why I like it! 
Plus by the look of Jane's skillz in the above picture we definitely don't have to worry about her photoshopping anything! 

How will you be spending Christmas?
I’m not really sure yet. We usually have to do a bit of touring around before or after Christmas as my family is not close by. I’m hoping that we will be in our own house on Christmas morning at least. There’s something quite special about waking up in your own bed on Christmas day. I have three small children and I really enjoy their excitement. I’m hoping to get some stockings for the end of their beds this year.

What do you want for Christmas this year?
World Peace? On a more selfish note, I’m hanging out my stocking for a Tom Ford Lipstick. I have a Julie Hewett palette on my list too; the Hue eyeshadow in Mystere looks beautiful and I’m rather tempted by the Cheekies.

I’d also love a bottle of Le Metier de Beaute Peau Vierge. As it’s £90 a go and I don’t have a Sugar Daddy, I think I’ll probably go wanting. I’ve mentioned it in my letter to Father Christmas all the same!

What is your best festive memory?
I remember when I was very small waking up to find sooty footprints from the chimney to the tree. I was so excited! I look back on it particularly fondly as it must have taken my parents ages to do it. I often wish I could recapture that feeling of magic at Christmas.

There’s also a funny story about a nativity play and a pair of stocking. Probably best kept to myself though!

Who would you love to have as a Christmas-lunch guest(s)?
My fantasy dinner guests would probably be Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie. I would pump Stephen for interesting fact whilst I forced Hugh to assume his role as House. Having watched Jeeves and Wooster who would have believed Hugh could do sexy. Or is that just me?

What is your favourite gifts to give...And to receive?
I love buying beauty products. I don’t suppose that’s very surprising! Last year I made gift baskets for the ladies in the family and included lots of different toiletries and cosmetics. I really enjoyed shopping around for the best deals so that I could get as much as possible for my budget. It’s the sort of thing I would love to receive myself. I do have to remind myself frequently that not everyone is as fond of makeup and beauty products as I am though!

I really like receiving things that I feel are too decadent to buy for myself. If I keep dropping hints about Tom Ford, maybe it will happen…

Any favourite Christmas movies?
I’m secretly a big kid and I love Christmas films. Some of my favourites are The Muppets Christmas Carol and Santa Claus: The Movie. Weirdly, Flash Gordon makes me feel quite festive. This was one of our regular “Christmas” films when I was at Primary School. Interesting choice….

It’s probably a good job I love Christmas films. My children are unhindered by seasonal viewing rules and they regularly watch Christmas DVDs all year round. We’ve had Mickey’s Magical Christmas on a few times this week.

Where do you go last-minute gift shopping? 
Would you be surprised if I said Boots? I love the selection of gifts in Boots. I’m especially partial to the 3 for 2 offers as they tend to include childrens’ toys as well as toiletries. It’s very handy for topping up your Advantage points too.

I also tend to head for Waterstones. Most of my family are avid readers and I love browsing for books. When I get stuck for Dad presents in particular, I think books are the way to go!

Your favourite part of the festive season.
I think my favourite part is probably the run up to Christmas. I love the dark evenings with all the festive lights on and the general buzz of excitement. I love Christmas Eve, though I’d give anything not to wrap presents. I used to get my Sister to do it for me. She makes presents look beautiful whereas my wrapping is purely functional. If you could pay someone to do it for you, I’d be all over it!

And how will you relax when it's all over?
There’s not usually much opportunity to relax as we chase around visiting friends and family. I do hope to have a nice, quiet sit down with a mince pie and a glass of wine. Maybe I’ll even get chance to paint my nails…..



  1. I read, and love, both your blogs because they are so different - I am likely to buy what you blog and gaze with longing at Jane's! Love her idea of gift baskets, very thoughtful.

  2. Hee hee! My skillz will be sought after I'm sure. It's not many people who know how to make themselves look larger in photos ;)

    Thanks for having me Fee, it was great fun.

  3. Really enjoyed this thank you both. You've got me feeling very festive now :)

  4. A great post, really enjoyed it. I like the Christmas picture ;) I am now sat here wondering if I should invest in Mickey’s Magical Christmas for my boy!

  5. Aww, I'm glad you enjoyed it MissisG! I hope it's starting to thaw out over your wa.

    Hi Replica! Glad you like the picture. I would really recommend Mickey's Magical Christmas, it's always been a big hit here :)

    Jane x

  6. Loved reading this, makes me feel all Christmassy, yum yum Hugh Laurie <3 Hope you get your Tom Ford lippies!!! :D

  7. @ModestyBrown - Thanks so much for doing the interview Jane, definitely enjoyed your answers :)

    Fee x

    PS. You definitely deserve Tom Ford lipstick!

  8. i love mickeys magical christmas haha :)


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