An Early Christmas Gift...

My boyfriend gave me this a few days ago now, as I wasn't feeling that festive (I'm glad to report I'm feeling alot better now though). 

This wasn't on my Christmas list, but I think I mentioned a bit ago that I liked the look of them...but at £10 I thought it was a bit steep for a little pot of lip balm.  
But now I have it, I think maybe it is worth it! 

This one is the Tokyo Milk Sweet Cream Bon Bon Lip Balm and literally smells/tastes like the filling in cake. I really do love the attention to detail with the product  - the little quote on the inside, the little leaflet in the box and the glittery cupcake on the side. 

The only thing I'd would of liked to of seen was a metal lid instead of a plastic one.

I do really like the little leaflet though... quirky and fun! 

I'm tempted to watch Sixteen Candles sounds a bit like The Breakfast Club.  

All in all this is a lovely unique lip balm that has been welcomed into my already rather large collection. 



  1. Where can you buy this from? xx

  2. Jemma -
    They are actually on sale at the moment on ASOS for £7! -

    Or have the whole Tokyo Milk range.

    Fee x

  3. Looks lovely, what a wonderful pressie. Have a great Christmas Fee xx

  4. That looks so good! Your boyfriend has it quite good that he has a pretty safe bet that buying you beauty products will make you happy! x

  5. @Gem - It really was a nice little surprise!
    Happy Christmas :) x

    @Rachel - Well you would think so but apparently because I love so much he says it makes me hard to buy for, so each year he insists on me writing him a list. But he always does well!
    Hope you have a lovely Christmas Rachel x

  6. Aww super cute! It looks yummy!

  7. How sweet of him, I love when the bloke's remember things like this and get the right one. It means the world to me, so many guys just don't care :/

    You always get the most yummy sounding things Fee ! Oh will head to ASOS..for £7 that's a bargain my lip's are so dry and cracked, in need of some TLC
    Merry Christmas my dear and thank you for your lovely comment xxxxx

  8. @Vintage and Cake - I know was really sweet :) he obviously listens more than I think!

    Hope you have a lovely lovely Christmas hun xxx

  9. Ooh this sounds lovely, I've been eyeing of quite a few things from Tokyo Milk lately :)

    Hope you have a wonderful and safe festive season Fee :D

  10. @Jade - I've seem afew things I'd like from Tokyo Milk...they do some lovely compact mirrors and perfumes (but there are quite expensive for the amount you get !)

    Hope you have a really lovely Christmas ;)

    Fee x

  11. what a sweet boy you've got! not sure my husband would think to look for christmas goodies for me from lesser known (yet amazing!) beauty brands. you've got a keeper! oh, and enjoy the lippie :)

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