Fashion Blogger Unwrapped - Fashion Foie Gras!

This is another lady that some how manages to post upto 8 posts a day AND hold down a full time job! 
But I'm not complaining as I love keeping up to date with the latest celebrity & fashion news with Fashion Foie Gras!

 How will you be spending Christmas?
I'll be home in the US with my family and friends.  And while there I'll be shopping like a mad woman. I am a big fan of the post-Christmas sales. I actually map out my route the morning after to hit all the best bits!

What do you want for Christmas this year?
Oh, there are so many items I'm wishing for this year. Let's hope I'm on Santa's nice list. If I unwrapped a Chanel 2.55 or a Yves Saint Laurent ring I wouldn't complain. I'm really hoping for a few Apple products (for blogging purposes) and a new SLR camera as well.  Although I think those are treats I'll be buying myself.  Anything cashmere from Ralph Lauren, Zadig & Voltaire or Stella McCartney would fill my heart with joy!

What is your best festive memory? 
Sitting with my three brothers the evening we all arrived after having flown home from London, Italy, Germany and California. We all sat around drinking by the fire and catching up on what we had all been doing to cause trouble in our home countries.  My mom and dad looked so happy seeing us all together again. You can't beat family on the holidays. For some it's the worst part, for me it means everything.

Who would you love to have as a Christmas-lunch guest(s)? 
Well, if you could arrange for Robert Redford (c.1970) to show up at my dinner table we wouldn't really need anyone else. In all honesty, I'll have exactly who I want at my Christmas lunch this year - my family.

What is your favourite gifts to give...And to receive?
Gift giving is so much better than receiving. I love giving personal gifts. I used to be really into putting together elaborate photo collages of magnificent memories captured on film. Now I love giving items that will help people capture their own memories- flip cameras, digital cameras or ipads with music that takes you back to a certain place or time.
                                        Any favouirte Christmas movies?
The Family Stone has become our family favourite. It is my family. It's scary how much so.
Where do you go last-minute gift shopping? 
Wherever is open. If it's last minute you don't usually have a lot of options. I've been known to do emergency runs to Walmart at 1am the morning of Christmas! 
                               Your favourite part of the festive season.
Christmas music (and I sometimes listen to it in the middle of June if I need a pick-me-up). 

And how will you relax when it's all over?



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  2. wow! nice pictures and me likey the ring! :)

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