N-Spa Hot Butter Fudge Body Polish

I've been walking past the N-Spa range in Asda for around 5 months now and every time the gorgeous smelling Indulgent range calls to me. 
The product names seem to entice me in - Indulgent Chocolate Waffle Bath Syrup, Toffee Shimmer Body Oil and of course this...this amazing buttery fudgy goodness that comes in an equally amazing tub that I'm planning to recycle in some way, maybe for the kitchen. 

I have to admit I've have afew cheeky sniffs of this in Asda (not that I'm suggesting that's what you do) but finally I cracked and bought two! One really wasn't enough. Though I may give one as a Christmas Present.....maybe. I really should mention the price shouldn't I? For a huge 350ml pot it's £6.50...however I bought this on offer at £4.30 I think.

Aside from the amazing intense scent (which is why 95% of people buy it) the product actually works! 

Basically you apply this to dry skin (or for sensitive skin on to damp skin) and work/rub this all over the skin. I mainly concentrate on the backs of my arms (to remove that bumpy
 look), legs and knees.
Then once done you just wash it off - so I normally apply this pre-shower as it can be abit messy!

 It really does 'polish' the skin rather than scrub at it...which is something I really prefer. 

Did I mention the smell? 

It's so amazing they need to start marketing it as a diet aid, I'm thinking!



  1. This looks AMAZING!! I loved the Vanilla shower gel, the smell was just fantastic! I am in need of a new polish/ scrub so this is going on my list! xx

  2. i think you've convinced me into getting it, all i need know is to locate a asda near me xx

  3. I wish the internet had a sensory device that allowed you to smell this product, as it seems like I need this in my life immediately! *heads on out to Asda*

  4. OMG I need it, will look at sat morning when doing food shop

  5. I have their lemon souffle and vanilla something one and oh my god, they smell divine. If I have a shower when I'm hungry, I just smell them and when I come out, the hunger seems to have passed. They've got the smell and price spot on.

  6. The Nspa Salt Scrub in the Asda range is gorgeous too! I got mine on offer for £4.30 too, its excellent value for money and a good dupe for the Sanctuary Salt Scrub which I love, but priced at £10 I know which one I prefer...;-)

  7. goodness, after reading the title, my mouth started watering! :p

    i LOVE body polishes! especially when you slap on a lot of lotion afterwards - it's so heavenly <3

  8. Mmm makes me want to eat it lol!xo

  9. I bought this last week and can still not get over the smell - it is so gorgeous!!

  10. Oh wow these products sound de-lish! Toffee body oil umm *wants* :D

  11. That looks so good... I have to go and smell it now!!!

  12. I bought some of this and my son - a real aficionado of all that's good on the food front - said it was the Best Smell Ever. He's getting some in his stocking. I can't believe how rich and gorgeous it is.

  13. OMG I need it, will look at sat morning when doing food shop
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