Beauty In's (no out's this month)!

Finally got my beauty stash unwrapped and can say I'm been thoroughly enjoying using all my makeup again - I was starting to suffer from abandonment issues!
I obviously own quite abit of makeup but I really do use all of it and don't feel like anything gets neglected - which is how I justfy the huge amount of eyeshadows and blushers I own! 

Products that are in my good books this month  

Topshop Blush 'Neon Rose' £6.00 - I've mentioned this before I'm sure, but I still love it just as much as when I bought it. Just love the lightweight cream to powder formulation as my cheeks can be abit oily so this is perfect. I also think it's just a great product for the price and really great quality - packaging and product wise!
I think I may need to expand my collection of the Topshop cream blushers.

Naked 'Jojoba In The Buff' Gentle Exfoliating Face Wash £3.99 - I've been using just Sulfate-free soap (Sebamed & Simple) for quite some time now and I still am, however due to the weather becoming colder I need something that exfoliates as well. Which is where this face wash came of the very few SLS-free facial scrubs/washes on the market that doesn't cost the earth or smell like the earth!
And this certainly doesn't smell of anything soil or plant like, it incredibly smells of cookie dough (or one of Asda's amazing White Chocolate & Popcorn cookies). I want to lick abit every time I wash my face, no joke. Smell aside this is perfect if you don't want a harsh exfoliator but more something that you can use daily that will keep dry skin at bay and keep your skin feeling soft.
Just a great upto date non-'organic', organic facial wash.

The Balm Batter Up Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow 'Triple Play Mae' £18.00
Now I actually got sent this product afew months ago and when I got it I did think £18 was pretty steep especially when it's also $18 on the Sephora website. However I did fall in love with it as this literally lasts all day and can be used as a base or a liner. But there is a 'but'...the product was due out in October and it's still nowhere to be seen!...

Therefore there's actually no point in mentioning it! So I thought I'd hunt down a more affordable dupe for it and I think I've definitely found it in the No7 Stay Perfect Eye Mousse in 'Fudge' that's alot more purse friendly at £8.75! I would say it's slightly more gold toned..however it lasts nearly the same and definitely applies the same.

So I would say it is pretty dupe worthy!

MUA Liquid Eyeliner 'Shade 3' £1 with Collection 2000 Glam Crystals Dazzling Gel Liner 'Retro Chic' £2.99 -
This is more of a combination that I love, even though I love both products individually. Now I love glitter eyeliner (more just looking at all the glitter in the tube) but I do actually use it right up against the lashline to add abit of interest on a miserable rainy day. However high or low-end glitter eyeliners do flake off and this for any contact wearer is a no-no. So I've found applying a similar shade of liquid eyeliner as a base a great way of combating the issue and also intensifying the glitter and making it look abit richer than it is, if that makes sense (I'm sure the swatches explain all though).

I also find it stops that tugging feeling that you can sometimes get when using glitter eyeliner, especially when you apply afew layers of the stuff!

 Just a great combo that I thought I'd share. 

No7 Exceptional Definition Mascara '01 Black' £12.00 
In my last Beauty Ins & Outs I raved about the Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara and I do still love it, kind of. But the problem is it's become clumpy and I had a feeling it would with all the excess mascara on the top of the tube. So I've converted back to my trusty clump-free No7 mascara.
This is just such an easy mascara to use - reaches them little lashes in the inner corner without getting any of the product onto the skin and the little built in lash comb actually works!
A perfect every day mascara that feels alot more expensive than it's £12 pricetag.

...and just afew nude/brown nail polishes I've been loving this month! 

...I must apologise for my scraggy nails, however they all broke off when moving house! They are in need of some TLC I think in the form of the lovely Ciate cranberry scented Cuticle Oil. 


  1. great job on spreading your love on your makeup babes! Now i feel a lot in my stash are being neglected :P

  2. Thoroughly agree about Topshop blushes - LOVE them. I wish they would release more shades, since I've no use for the bright fuchsia one or 'Butterscotch'.

  3. I really want to try more naked Bodhgaya products, by my boots(s - I have 3 locally) only stock the shampoos, conditioners, body washes and one moisturiser.

  4. That mascara looks great, I love the silicone wand *-*

  5. must say that the mua sparkly eyeliner is pretty great for just £1. the black does get annoying and needs a few layers but the silver is awesome.

    i also started using that new mascara when it came out (with my coupon!). i love it but bought it in brown! still great though.

  6. Ohh your nails look great! Im a bit in love with nude polishes too, they are just lovely! xx

  7. I love that Nails Inc Jermyn Street colour.
    That No7 mascara wand looks pretty amazing too.
    I'm always so half asleep when I get ready in the morning though that I'd probably end up using all the wrong sides for the wrong reason :-S xx

  8. I am loving all those nudes and browns, such sophisticated colors.:D

    Neon Rose is just lovely, what an amazing color payoff.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  9. I've been loving the exceptional definition mascara too, its great.
    x x

  10. I love this MUA liquid eyeliner Shade 3! I've been raving about it on my blog, and have been wearing it non-stop. Amazing for only £1, I have three just incase! x

  11. So glad you're back!

    Once again you've come up trumps - Ive just bought the MUA Liquid Eyeliner 'Shade 3' because of your last post about it and its brill!

  12. I really must check out my local topshop to see if they have introduced the make up range yet- i fear not as we tend to be very behind!

  13. Going to go to TOPSHOP this afternoon! x

  14. nice post i am loving the colour of all those polishes :)

  15. I really want to give the Topshop creme blushers a try. So far, I've only heard good things.
    Jane x

  16. I LOVE lOVE LOVE London!! SO wish I went back and bought heaps more Diet COke!! Im on the hunt for a dupe so pretty please let me know if you come across one! x

  17. I have both Jermyn Street & London and thy are definitely my favourite polishes. Love the Mushroom colour. x

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