29 November 2010

Beauty UK Nail Polishes

Firstly I can't help but cringe at the condition of my nails at the moment, this being solely down to the nail polish remover I've been using - Sally Hansens Acetone free The Fast Remover. 
It's just so drying to both the nails and the cuticles. I really need to stop using it!

Anyways...I thought I'd try out afew Beauty UK nail polishes as I quite like some of there products especially there eyeliners and eyeshadows. Plus they had quite afew nice shades to chose from. 

Really love the above shade (Smokey Lilac £1.79) maybe slightly watery in consistency, but other than I can't fault it. A really nice alternate to wearing nude shades, just really pretty.

(Not the best representation of the shade - it's quite abit darker than this and alot more metallic). 
The other shade I had to try out was Electric Blue which is so similar to Indigo Paris by Lancome.
Just a really intense metallic blue that looks amazing on and alot more than it's £1.79 price tag. Definitely a new favourite and quite a unique shade which is hard to say with the amount of nail polishes on the market.

Also in store these are always on offer I think 3 for £5. So a total bargain.

The next Beauty UK nail polish on my list has to be Slate even though I own about 5 grey nail polishes already, but it does look really lovely! 

Anyone else tried Beauty UK nail polishes before?


  1. The smokey lilac looks really pretty! And btw your nails don't look like they're in bad condition.. They actually look really nice!

    - Sriya xx

  2. I havent tried them yet but the colours always catch my eye x

  3. I have that blue, after seeing a similar blue by H&M featured on lipglossiping! I love wearing it, people just stare x

  4. Love the smokey lilac polish, haven't tried beauty uk polishes yet so will have a look next time i'm in superdrug x

  5. This Smokey Lilac is gorgeous. Throw away this sally hansen now. the sooner, the better xx

  6. Ah, I love the new BeautyUK packaging! The blue is gorgeous!

  7. That nail polish remover is lethal :{ My nails went repulsive after I'd used it!

  8. I love Smokey Lilac, it's one of my favourite lilac polishes. I have Blue Moon and Turquiose Shimmer as well which I really like.

  9. I've tried their Dark Grey colour called "Slate" before. I loved it :P Nice colour!

  10. Ooo these look good i've never tried beauty UK before. Does the varnish last or does it chip easily?

  11. My work sells beauty uk and has done for about 3.5 years :). I like the nail varnishes as they last pretty well and they are really good value. I must say I was initially a bit skeptical about them, but now pleasantly surprised :)


  12. they look really pretty defo gonna pick one up :)

  13. I love the first colour. The price is great too!

  14. Love the nude one!!! I don't own any varnish of this brand *writing down on my wishlist for my next trip to the uk* :-)


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