Christmas Shopping For One

I don't really love the idea of doing 'hauls' mainly because it seems such an American thing to do (and they do it well!) and it can seem kind of pointless!

However I thought I'd show afew things seeing as some of the products especially the Cosmopolitan Blend Perfection Sponge (£4.99) needs to be properly tried out before I even try to review it. 

I've actually been wanting the Cosmopolitan version of the Beauty Blender ever since Holly from YM Beauty Blog raved about it in one of her wonderful videos. I love good quality cosmetic sponges in general and actually don't use foundation brushes anymore, as I really feel a damp sponge gives a much more flawless, dewy finish. However this definitely looks more advanced than the No7 sponges I currently the NASA version of cosmetic sponges. I really do have high hopes for this!

I was also enticed by the new products from the Famous by Sue Moxley range in my local Superdrug - sadly though it's been quite popular which meant my choices were somewhat limited! 

The Baked Bronzers at £6 each really caught my eye though, consisting of 3 light to dark bronzers and 1 baked highlighter (which I'm kicking myself for not buying). 

 I also spotted some lovely looking lip and eye palettes at quite reasonable prices. 

As for my initial reaction to the bronzer - Maybe slightly too dark for me in winter as this is really pigmented, more than I was expecting anyways. However I'm sure I will still make it wearable by using a soft Eco Tools powder brush and just dusting the tops of my cheekbones with it. 

Definitely tempted to try more from the range - the packaging has also vastly improved, no more tacky diamante stars can be seen!

I must of read so many reviews on this lovely looking, chocolate scented bronzer by Bourjois, rating it as a soft and natural. Which is definitely something I need to keep me looking fresh and healthy especially with all this cold weather at the moment, but not too bronzed. 

So far I've worn this daily since I bought it and really haven't been disappointed - there's really no fear of over doing it with this bronzer as it's just a soft almost matte shade. 

Also LOVE the cute packaging...a bargain at £6.99 compared to other products in the range.

Finally got my nails on some sparkly Nail Crystals from Girls With Attitude for a very affordable price of £3.00. I must admit the smaller crystals can be abit tricky to pick up - but I've found a pair of tweezers sorts that out or pushing them to the edge of the clear plastic backing.

I know these will be perfect for really Christmass-y sparkly nude nails or just one on the bottom of each nail. 

For £3.00 you really can't go wrong! 

Lastly I bought these lovely baubles by luck from a charity shop for only 99p....they are so pretty just sitting there that I don't want to disturb them! 
But once I start putting up the decorations I'm thinking of hanging these with red ribbon from a window. 

Anyone else still indulging in abit of Christmas shopping for one?



  1. LOVE the ornaments!

    great buys, fee :).

  2. Looking forward to the review of the sponge. I had no idea cosmopolitan had a little beauty blender dupe. x

  3. I love nail sparkles more than should be allowed. I also like the look of the Bourjois bronzer - I'm never much of a bronzer user because I'm a little bit sparkle shy (on my face - definitely not on my nails!)


  4. great haul post i must admit i do haul posts and im not american lol
    i love the chocolate scented bronzer

    a little tip i use to apply tiny crystals to nail art is a little bit of bluetack on the end of your nail art brush or makeup brush works amazingly well for me :)

  5. The Christmas Baubles are gorgeous! Great little find, especially in a Charity Shop :) x

  6. Love the post x The bourjois bronzer looks like exactly what I need. Love diamontes on nude nails. Can't wait for hear what you make of the cosmo make up sponge x

  7. I love the look of the baked bronze container.Sue Moxley stuff looks like the prices have got cheaper. x

  8. OMG I totally thought the bronzer was chocolate LOL! The packaging is awesome!

  9. Those nail crystals are on my list! :) Great haul xx

  10. Nice haul :) Please review the cosmopolitan sponge and the bourjois bronzer! :) The sponge looks like the beauty blender :)


  11. Ooh the choc bronzer looks fab, hope we get it here in Au soon :D

  12. I love hauls, lets me shop vicariously. Then again, I am an American :P
    I wish I could get that Bourjois bronzer, it looks amazing. Unfortunately Sephora USA stopped carrying the brand :(
    Really like your blog, even if I can't actually get most of the products

  13. Love the sponge great quality I much prefer it to the Beauty Blender original!! Hope you like, love the look of the Sue Moxley, review please! :) xx

  14. You got some great things. I have the real beauty blender but would love a second one (the knock off version). The chocolate looking bronzer is really cool. May have to try and get my hands on that.

  15. The chocolate looking bronzer is so cute! Winter + chocolate = love ♥ Hope Canada will get it too!


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