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Today's post was actually about a loofah for the face - sound interesting hey? It actually was, as it was my first ever really negative review...and then I went and lost everything I had typed while installing Adobe reader! 
I now just don't have the energy/negativity to write it all up again!

So instead of not posting anything (and annoying myself by the lack of posts this month). I thought I'd just post a simple Nail of the Day. 

I actually got sent this by Fiamma in our Italian/English beauty swap - (you can see what else I received here). 

Mavala nail polishes do come in teeny tiny bottles and are all priced at £3.95, but for some reason I don't think that's too bad. 

This must be because the quality is so good and at the most you only need two coats...sometimes you can actually get away with one.

I'd say shade wise - the first image is spot on for what it comes out like (the light was fading in the other pictures). 

Similar to Barry M Grey but I love this more! It's just not as watery and doesn't chip as fast. 

I am now craving to try afew glitter Mavala polishes!



  1. Beautiful colour, I've been lusting after their Elle shade but this one looks just as nice x

  2. Lovely colour! You paint your nails so perfectly! Love it :)

    - Sriya x

  3. I've been wearing this all week as well. I love the colour and I love Mavala bottles. I agree that £3.95 is reasonable, especially as the quality is great! x

  4. Such a great colour. Can you order these online?

  5. Such a nice and normal color :) You paint your nails very nicely too!

  6. Love the nail polish colour.

  7. @FunnyFaceBeauty - I either get mine from Chemist Direct or

    But they also sell them instore at Debenhams if you don't want to pay the postage!

    Fee x

  8. loved the haul

  9. I loved this shade and I made the biggest mistake when I didn't puchase it for myself too, I can't find it now :( But I'm glad you like it I think that this grey is something amazing


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