Christmas is Coming...

I love writing about makeup, but sometimes I wish I could write about anything especially if I have a cold and haven't even washed my hair in a few days let alone worn makeup. 

So I thought seeing as I'm feeling festive and it's only 30 DAYS until Christmas I thought I would write a post totally NOT about makeup, but on the joys of Christmas and what I will be doing this year...and basically ramble abit!


It really felt like Christmas started early this year...even before Halloween shops started to stocking Advent Calendars and Decorations! But it wasn't until I had my Boots, Marks & Spencers and House of Fraser Christmas catalogues that it felt Christmassy and of course I had started to write my Christmas list (always a long affair, especially when you include website addresses next to the products!).

Christmas for me really is about presents (giving and receiving them ofcourse) and family. But more giving them now I'm an adult...but I still do love lots of presents! 
I guess this is because of how I was brought up and even now with only 2 little ones in the family we all still give each other quite alot of presents. I guess to some for just one day it may seem excessive, but to me it's just a gesture of how much we love each other.

I also love spending Christmas day with my family, not watching the Queen's boring speech or pulling crackers, but just enjoying every ones company and generally having a lovely day - Chocolates for breakfast while I open presents and wine before 11am! 
I also seem to convert back to being a teenager again strangely and once I've opened all of the presents from under the tree I go and get ready and try out all the new beauty products I've received. This started as a teenager and I've been doing it ever since... so it actually reminds me of when I was 16!

As for food I go to my sisters and she cooks a lovely Christmas dinner with the most amazing roast potatoes cooked in goose fat & olive oil and peas cooking with litte gem lettuce - she really does treat us all!  
Once there I also get to give my two little Nieces, Francesca (4) and Cordelia (2) there presents - this year I've bought them cute little dresses to wear on Christmas day, a lovely red velvet Belle from Beauty & The Beast dress and a cute little Fairy dress with golden wings. I've also bought my niece Francesca The Jolly Postman book as it use to be one of my favourite books as a child - opening all the envelops and reading each letter. 

I also get too see my Grandad who is so good for his age and I'm sure he will end up telling me about when he was in the navy at Christmas time or some slightly odd story. Spending the day with my Grandad does mean so much now my Nan is no longer here, it actually makes me teary when I think about how much my Grandad means to me.

Anyways I'm getting ahead of myself! I haven't even mentioned present buying - last year I actually spent a stupid amount of money on three rolls of gold sparkly wrapping paper that actually came with it's own sticky tabs as cellotape didn't stick to it (how stupid) but by the 2nd roll I had used up all the sticky tabs (the presents did look very pretty though). So the gold glitter background you see in some of my posts is actually the left over wrapping paper I had from last Christmas! 

So this year I won't be making the same mistake again and either buying some lovely purple flocked paper from Paperchase or using brown parcel paper and stamping rows of Christmas puddings onto it, then decorating the presents with nice purple ribbons. Can you tell I like wrapping presents?! 

As for actual present buying I've bought quite abit already which is now all up in my attic waiting patiently to be wrapped nearer Christmas or I'm sure to forget what I've bought people. 
Also this week I booked a lovely surprise trip for me and my mum in December to a day in York for The Festival of Angels (has lots of beautiful ice sculptures and lots of little stalls) I know she likes York and we don't ever do anything like that together, so I thought it would be a nice little treat!

I'm also going to get researching how to make some lovely Caramelised Onion Chutney to give as presents in them cute little glass lock jars - as I really don't trust myself with baking! Plus the shelf life for Chutney is around a year so it's a much better present. 

 As for Makeup Savvy expect some lovely Christmas interviews and giveaways come December!  

Hope you all liked this kind of post...and I've made you all feel abit Christmassy! 
 Ofcourse feel free to tell me what you will be doing this year. 

Fee xx


  1. i started listening to Christmas songs in August, what does that say about me? :p

    that said, i completely agree with you about Christmas presents. to me, Christmas isn't really Christmas if i don't get to give anything to my loved ones. everything from making my list, to shopping, to wrapping them up, to putting them under the tree, and finally having them open the gift; it all warms up my heart and lifts my spirits :)

  2. I loved reading this! It was just like having a nice sit down chat with you. Your love for Christmas is very infectious. We're taking the boys to Milton Keynes on Saturday to see the Christmas display and I'm really looking forward to it. I think I'm going to enjoy the next month of excitement very much!
    Jane x

  3. great post, i LOVE hearing about other people's christmas traditions! xxx

  4. Lovely post, the day trip in York sounds like a great present for you and your mum.

  5. Christmas is only one month off exactly! You sound so organised. I bet your Mum will the trip to York will be a lovely treat :)I haven't bought a single present yet :S I'm going hitting up Lush and the Christmas markets this weekend though :)

  6. this post is so lovely fee<3, i know what you mean about trying on new beauty products, i'm 16 and can really relate to that :D!xxx

  7. Aww love this post Fee! sounds like you have lovely christmas days :)
    you've cheered me up and made me feel all festive! :) xx

  8. Fantastic post Fee. You've made me feel all Christmas-y now :-D I love how much detail you put into wrapping your presents. I thought I was the only one who did that anymore. You're so right that Christmas is showing the people you love how much you love them. I'd actually say that I love giving presents more than receiving now I'm older but I can't wait till I spent Christmas with some youngster again, unfortunately that will only happy when I have kids which won't be for a while yet :-S
    All excited. Thanks for the chitchat post.
    Loved it xxx

  9. This is a great post, I love that you love christmas! I'm a real christmas-aholic...I get so excited, even more so now I have a son!
    I also have a few of the same traditions, the wine and chocolates for breakfast, getting ready whilst trying new beauty product gifts...and the Jolly Postman! I've still got my jolly postman books from when I was around 5 years old - gosh, 20 years old!!
    When my son gets a little bit older, i'm going to get him some too xx

  10. this post is lovely lady <3 I don't know what I'm going to do at christmas, but I don't feel very christmassy in my adult life :( I wish I was as christmassy as you!

  11. Christmas *squeal* I'm just so excited!

  12. My favourite part of Christmas? Wrapping presents whilst listening to Christmas Songs!!

    I told you to publish this post. It's a hit!

    I think the best part is that you enjoy buying things for each other! I think that Christmas is the excuse to go mad and indulge in present buying for others - things they want but don't deem 'necessary'. I love buying presents for loved one. The boyfriend and I have a little routine. £100 on a big pressent(s) and a smaller budget (£20ish on 'stocking fillers' - all wrapped up individually and thus, lots of things to unwrap for Christmas!)

  13. Great post, making me feel all festive hehe

    Well it's hot here in Au, so Christmas is spent eating fruit and cold meat and king prawns. We swim in the pool, listen to Chrissy carols and live it up.

    Days later we sell our crap gifts on ebay :P

  14. Ah what a lovely post...I was already excited for Christmas, but now I'm even more so! 30 days? YAY!!!

  15. Just a little tip - go to Ikea for the little glass jars as they are really cheap in there an dlook just like the more expensive ones. I make homemade gifts every year and its so much fun!

  16. this was a really good read, i dont normally sit and read this much, but i actually did in this case :) xxx

  17. I love reading posts that are diversions from make-up, I think it makes the bloggers more relatable and makes for a nice shake-up :)

    I currently live in Spain so for Christmas I'll be going back home to the UK - Spain is very Christmassy but there's nothing quite like spending the day with family.

    The Jolly Postman - I still have mine!!

  18. Awwww I love this post Fee! You've made me even more excited about Christmas! I still need to do my shopping though.. Oops! I can't wait to see some pics of your xmas! :) xxx

  19. Christmas seems to come earlier and earlier each year!

  20. @Dani - I think you may just love Christmas more than me! I have to agree I love the whole process :)

    @Modesty Brown - Awww I'm glad you liked the post - really felt like I needed to just ramble about Christmas and unleash my festive-ness! Children always make you more Christmassy without a doubt...hope you had a lovely time at the display and it wasn't too freezing!

    @City Girls Fashion Box - I think we are all abit nosey and want to know how other people spend there Christmasses and what they eat on the day haha :)

    @Becky - Thanks for the comment...I think it will be just as nice a treat for me as it will be for my mum. :)

    @Beauty's Bad Habit - See I sound so organised but actually I'm not! But that's what I kind of love about Christmas, the rush of it all and being busy. Hope you get some lovely presents over the weekend.

    @Holly - I'm glad you liked the post, I was umming and arring whether to post it or not! Nothing beats the feeling of taking all your new makeup upstairs and getting ready...whatever age you are :)

    @Alexandra - Awww glad you liked it :) I love feeling all festive!

    Fee xx

  21. @Sammy - Thanks Sammy :) Glad I could make you all festive! I love making all my presents look pretty :) Also what you mentioned about children, I'm so lucky that my sister had the children first so I just get to enjoy them and they really do make Christmas that bit more exciting!

    @WelshBeautyBlog - Awww I loved your comment :). Can't believe you still have your Jolly Postman books...I don't know were mine actually went too but I still wish I had them now to look over...always seemed so magically opened all the little envolopes. Thanks for the comment btw!

    @Olivia - Awww I wish I could make you feel more Christmassy and get excited about it! I do know alot of people like you though...sometimes it is hard to get that excited especially when you don't have little child in your life to make it special! I hope my Christmas present cheers you up though :)

    @To ELLE and Back - haha I'm glad someone can related to just how excited I am!

    @Sanny - I do have you to thank for this post, don't I!
    Awww loved hearing about your routine with your boyfriend :) It's so nice to have lots of things to open on Christmas day.

    @Jadegrrrl - Sounds like you definitely party more than our 'sit down and feel stuffed' English Christmases! Thanks for the comment :)

    @MissisG - I know it's gone so fast hasn't it!! :) So excited.

    @Chloe - Aww thanks for actually reading it!

    @Gordita - Aww atleast you will be spending Christmas with your family :) Also can't believe people have there Jolly Postman books from there childhoods.

    @LipglossAndLeopardPrint - Aww glad I could make you feel even more excited haha The nearer it gets the more excited I get :)

    @Cherry Pullinger - I know, I secretly love it...but it is abit odd seeing Halloween outfits and then Christmas Trees when shopping.

    Fee xx


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