Lush SLS-Free Bath Treats

I would love to say I could walk into Lush, pick up something pretty looking and buy it. Sadly though so many products contain Sodium Laureth/Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) which I totally avoid due to it irritating my skin (well making my arms bumpy and just generally doing nothing for the skin). 

So my Lush visits are planned with military precision, armed with an exact list of the products that don't contain SLS and I must say the list is always short. Shower jellies are out, so are all shower gels, shampoos and soaps, as are all the lovely looking Bubble Bars! 

Having said that there are afew products that DON'T contain any sulfates...afew Bath Ballistics and some Shower Scrubs. I do find with Lush that the products that I think won't contain SLS as they don't generally lather up, always do contain it! 

Cinders Ballistic £1.95/90g

So this little baby is totally sulfate free and is also pretty much chemical free (which is a rarity with any bath products not just ones from Lush).

If I'm honest though I bought this because it was one of the very few Ballistics that are sulfate free, so I can't say I bought it due to the smell...but it does have a lovely scent to it once in the bath, quite Cinnamon-y and perfect for winter. 

Once in the water the Ballistic starts to fizz and dissolve, also the red popping candy starts to work which is a nice effect (unless you have the water running and you can't hear it which is what I did for part of it). I can't say it creates a wonderful effect by turning the bath water yellow. 

But once in the bath you can really feel the essential oils in the water and even though they are no bubbles the water does feel really soft. 
As for the scent it definitely does last on the skin after the bath and does leave the skin softer like a nice bath oil would! 

Overall I would highly recommend this, however I have heard sometimes the crackling sound with the popping candy doesn't work! 

Li'l Lush Pud Ballistic £1.95/90g

I definitely bought this on the look and smell of the product - though it is still sulfate free! 
This had actually been sitting on my bedside table for afew days before I used it and actually smelt incredible - very Christmassy.

This actually fizzed alot more and for alot longer than the Cinders Ballistic and left a lovely layer of what looks like snow on the top of the water. 
However it does turn the water brown which I can't say I loved (I also didn't love how it left a brown tide mark around the bath) - hence the no image!

But like 'Cinders' it does leave that silky feeling to the water with a lovely aroma of baked apples and cinnamon. 

Overall for the price these are quite nice but I would just love to see a bubble or two...but I guess then it would contain a Sulfate of some kind! 


  1. l'il lush pud smells delish! it's definitely on my wish list :)

  2. I'm not a huge fan of lush products. Most make me itch! I've not checked if it's because they contain SLS but I don't even like most of their scents! I much prefer "clean" scents: lemon, vanilla, etc. Not huge amounts of combination smells.

  3. I do find Lush confusing. They like all their eco, vegan stuff etc. but still everything's jam packed full of chemicals! Surely can't be long until they release at least one SLS free shampoo?!


  4. I think that has most definitely got to be one for me to try this christmas. I'm gonna get one and sip mulled wine while I soak in my pud bath ;)

  5. Nice photos :) I didn't know so many Lush products have so many sulfates! Thanks for the heads up.

  6. I can see me getting these for Christmas presents! They're adorable to boot :)


  7. what shampoo do you use? or shower gel?

  8. I love the lush cubo libre (in italY) I don't know the name in inglish... it is a shower solid scrub composed by clay and hemp oil, simply lovely. it washes your skin without foaming agents but only in a physical way and smell gorgeous :)

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